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Handnr: 949657
Submitted by : Carthac

MERGE_GAME #5026889801134: Holdem NL $0.05/$0.10 03/02/2012 02:27:23
Table Lima 50268898 , Seats 6
Seat 1: littlebe $6.93 in chips
Seat 2: ctm216 $14.32 in chips
Seat 3: Carthac1 $11.08 in chips
Seat 4: Harry2286 $10.75 in chips DEALER
Seat 5: Strife1983 $10.00 in chips
Seat 6: FullF8rce $10.00 in chips
Strife1983: Post SB $0.05
FullF8rce: Post BB $0.10

Dealt to Carthac1KdKc
littlebe: Fold
ctm216: Fold
Carthac1: Raise $0.30
Harry2286: Fold
Strife1983: Raise $1.20
FullF8rce: Fold
Carthac1: Call $0.90

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $2.50)

Strife1983: Bet $1.30
Carthac1: Call $1.30

Turn (Pot : $5.10)

Strife1983: Bet $3.00

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Carthac   United States. Mar 02 2012 03:41. Posts 1343

Hero has been showing higher % of 3bets in blinds. Decided to flat as his 3bet range was wide enough to where I thought I would get more value slow playing in position. Flop goes great, then turn comes bad card. However, I have two blockers to AK, and AQ is rarely 3bet at micros. My natural inclination is to fold here as he is committing 60% of his stack, but im unsure.

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idonklife   Sweden. Mar 02 2012 03:57. Posts 182

if you flat a 3b with KK pf you're gonna be burning money if folding to any ace hitting the board imo. we flat it because we want to trap villain and make him overplay his hand since we showed semi-weakness pf. this means we expect him to bluff a lot when aces hit the board. i mean, would you consider folding A77 flop when villain cbets? if answer is yes: fold turn but mostly, 4bet pf. if answer is no: just shove. speaking of flop, raise it up. you're gonna get value from a lot of Ax and pp on 577.

julep   Australia. Mar 02 2012 05:20. Posts 1274

so the logic is call pre let him bluff
fold on the best bluff card

wobbly_au   Australia. Mar 02 2012 05:25. Posts 6540

Julep is the only good player stuck on micros lol

The Last Laugh. 

julep   Australia. Mar 02 2012 06:41. Posts 1274

im playing 100nl when i have 60bi for it
im a few hundred off

SolarM   Germany. Mar 02 2012 08:41. Posts 533

People on Micros don't bluff 2 streets very often, vut you cant fold here..


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