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Handnr: 913299
Submitted by : k4ir0s

***** Hand History for Game 64887805099 ***** Poker Stars
$200.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Thursday, July 21, 08:51:04 ET 2011
Table Philoctetes II Real Money
Seat 6 is the button
Seat 1: TomasQ $200.00 USD
Seat 2: frosty012 $457.70 USD
Seat 3: TheTurk80 $200.00 USD
Seat 4: wazawskiHH $230.85 USD
Seat 5: AndrewBoccia $209.75 USD
Seat 6: MeleaB $204.50 USD
Seat 7: jnic00 $254.60 USD
Seat 8: k4ir0s $209.40 USD
Seat 9: mbto $256.20 USD
jnic00 posts small blind [$1.00 USD].
k4ir0s posts big blind [$2.00 USD].

Dealt to k4ir0s [Ad4c ]
mbto folds
TomasQ folds
frosty012 folds
TheTurk80 folds
wazawskiHH folds
AndrewBoccia folds
MeleaB folds
jnic00 raises [$5.00 USD]
k4ir0s calls [$4.00 USD]

Flop (Pot : $11.00)

jnic00 bets [$8.00 USD]
k4ir0s raises [$24.00 USD]
jnic00 calls [$16.00 USD]

Turn (Pot : $59.00)

jnic00 checks
k4ir0s bets [$40.00 USD]
jnic00 calls [$40.00 USD]

River (Pot : $139.00)

jnic00 checks

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k4ir0s   Canada. Jul 22 2011 00:29. Posts 3450

think I should vbet? if so how much? (i've got 140 left)

17/14 33% steal from SB, him and I often battle it out BvB. He knows that im aggro and defend alot here.

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I dont know what a dt drop is. Is it a wrestling move? -OlyLast edit: 22/07/2011 00:31

NeillyJQ   United States. Jul 22 2011 01:29. Posts 8947

since its a bvb battle, 46 missed and clubs missed (as well as random air turned bluff), i would jam to merge my bluff ranges with my valuebet ranges.

that being said, if i have clubs here im jamming this river repping a big hand for a psb as well as the 46.

I'd check back Jx and snap off bluffs / any possible better hands

Just remember you need to be god damn sure about their tendencies. -Artanis11 

handbanana21   United States. Jul 22 2011 03:30. Posts 3026

i think merge jam looks fine. Theres merit to not letting him know what hand u have here. And he will call with jacks some percentage of the time.

Twisted    Netherlands. Jul 22 2011 06:00. Posts 10422

Well most likely you have the best hand here. When he's bet/calling flop I'm assuming he does this with a range of 88-TT, JX, QQ/KK. I guess he could float with AQ/AK, but it's a small part of his range here because he won't call your 3bet on the flop all the time with those I would think. There could be some AXcc in his range, but I doubt he would just flat your re-raise on the flop considering the aggro dynamic. Just value-jam and hope he calls with his JX/QQ/KK. If he has AQ/AK well fuck it.

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