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Handnr: 886571
Submitted by : Carthac

Full Tilt Poker Game #27583301909: Table Warp Speed (6 max) - $0.10/$0.25 - No Limit Hold'em - 00:41:38 ET - 2011/01/25
Seat 1: 9inmypocket ($39.52)
Seat 2: aCE2807 ($27.59)
Seat 3: kamilo85 ($26.95)
Seat 4: PK4good ($29.69)
Seat 5: Hero ($76.54)
Seat 6: alexandru235 ($20.17)
kamilo85 posts the small blind of $0.10
PK4good posts the big blind of $0.25
The button is in seat #2

Dealt to HeroAdAc
Hero raises to $0.75
alexandru235 folds
9inmypocket calls $0.75
aCE2807 calls $0.75
kamilo85 folds
PK4good folds

Flop (Pot : $2.60)

Hero bets $2
9inmypocket raises to $5

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Carthac   United States. Jan 25 2011 00:53. Posts 1343

Rush poker, so player is most likely playing fairly nitty. No reads on player. Wet board, so raise can include draws, but I have ace of clubs blocker. Raise seems to lean more towards set as he is about 160bb deep and snap raised multiway with someone left to act behind him.

Any suggestions on how to continue from here? Can I call flop and fold turn to further aggression? If I do that, should I just fold flop? I dont see getting it in in this spot to be +ev given the stack sizes, but I may be wrong

Would appreciate some help. Thanks!

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Maynard!   United States. Jan 25 2011 01:00. Posts 4453

If you fold don't ever tell anyone about it.

Now I really am a busto. Thanks FTP. 

GfOrcebOnd   United States. Jan 25 2011 01:12. Posts 429

call flop. See what card comes on turn and see how much he bets. Play from there. If a club comes on turn I'm calling almost any sized bet on turn. Folding here requires a very specific read and being that's it's rush poker i don't see how u could do that.

You live then you die and are rebornLast edit: 25/01/2011 01:14

sunnysky7   . Jan 25 2011 02:43. Posts 1549

I would fold in rush , its 3-way and someone behind him

he had the set or 89 almost everytime here , if he had draws that should be at least monster draw he doesnt care about who is behind him

If u have specific read I guess u can call , but if u r rush reg I think u should understand its full of nits world


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