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Handnr: 309748
Submitted by : Fayth

** Game ID 1706176450 starting - 2007-11-06 10:41:01
** Judithe [Hold 'em] (2.00|4.00 No Limit - Cash Game) Real Money
- Tebax sitting in seat 1 with $259.72
- hassearo228 sitting in seat 2 with $1365.41
- DippyDave sitting in seat 3 with $587.60
- 123456789muf sitting in seat 4 with $373.88
- Ignorant_Kid sitting in seat 5 with $776.16 [Dealer]
- Fayth sitting in seat 6 with $396.10
Fayth posted the small blind - $2.00
Tebax posted the big blind - $4.00

hassearo228 folded
DippyDave raised - $16.00
123456789muf folded
Ignorant_Kid folded
Fayth raised - $54.00
Tebax folded
DippyDave called - $54.00

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $112.00)

Fayth bet - $96.00
DippyDave called - $96.00

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $304.00)

Fayth went all-in - $248.10
DippyDave called - $248.10

River (Pot : $800.20)

Fayth shows:KhKs
DippyDave shows:ThTs
DippyDave wins $797.20 from the main pot
End of game 1706176450
jesus fucking christ, again

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CrownRoyal   Oman. Nov 06 2007 08:50. Posts 11367

just an idea, but if you raise just a hair more his call is -ev pf

maybe i'm crazy or something

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Fayth    Canada. Nov 06 2007 08:51. Posts 10085

i added a bb, his call was -EV, could have added an extra one

Im not sure what to do tomorrow when I see her, should I shake her hand?? -Floofy 

SneakrFreakr   United Kingdom. Nov 06 2007 08:52. Posts 2534

him raise size is perfectly fine

rivered for my fucking bankroll - NeillyJQ 

CrownRoyal   Oman. Nov 06 2007 08:54. Posts 11367

you're right i looked at the hand wrong.

forgot to realize fayths stack is really 334 or something and not 380 whatever.

my bad

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Fayth    Canada. Nov 06 2007 08:55. Posts 10085

just sucks cuz im not far into my session and already got kings against tens twice in reraised pot that i lost lol

Im not sure what to do tomorrow when I see her, should I shake her hand?? -Floofy 

TalentedTom    Canada. Nov 06 2007 08:56. Posts 20070

I think it also comes down to weather or not he is setmining with TT, if flop comes 982 if we still win a bet from TT then there is no need to overprotect

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CrownRoyal   Oman. Nov 06 2007 08:57. Posts 11367

tom, what you have to also put into play there is that you can't put him exactly on TT

he could have ANY pocket pair or for that matter hand.


Fayth    Canada. Nov 06 2007 09:03. Posts 10085

i'm pretty i do win a bet, and maybe his whole stack if board is all rags

Im not sure what to do tomorrow when I see her, should I shake her hand?? -Floofy 


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