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Handnr: 1095320
Submitted by : Mekanisis

PokerStars Hand #222360883733: Holdem No Limit ($0.10/$0.25 USD) - 2021/01/07 20:40:19 ET
Table Legia 6-max Seat #5 is the button
Seat 2: Atrium2k20 ($25 in chips)
Seat 4: Mekanisis ($73.61 in chips)
Seat 5: Iigoreha1004 ($40.62 in chips)
Seat 6: faceofftheon ($41.48 in chips)
faceofftheon: posts small blind $0.10
hockeyrook9: is sitting out
Atrium2k20: posts big blind $0.25
DANTESOK: sits out

Dealt to Mekanisis 7h7c
Mekanisis: raises $0.37 to $0.62
hockeyrook9 leaves the table
Iigoreha1004: raises $1.78 to $2.40
faceofftheon: folds
Atrium2k20: folds
Mekanisis: calls $1.78

Flop (Pot : $5.15)

Mekanisis: checks
Iigoreha1004: bets $3.70
Mekanisis: calls $3.70

Turn (Pot : $12.55)

Mekanisis: bets $4.44
crist_89870 joins the table at seat #1
Iigoreha1004: raises $11.26 to $15.70
Mekanisis: raises $51.81 to $67.51 and is all-in
Iigoreha1004: folds
Uncalled bet ($51.81) returned to Mekanisis
Mekanisis collected $42.95 from pot
Mekanisis: doesnt show hand

Total pot $43.95 | Rake $1
Board  3h5c7d8c
Seat 2: Atrium2k20 (big blind) folded before Flop
Seat 4: Mekanisis collected ($42.95)
Seat 5: Iigoreha1004 (button) folded on the Turn
Seat 6: faceofftheon (small blind) folded before Flop

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Mekanisis   Canada. Jan 08 2021 03:48. Posts 37

Should I call turn and induce bluff brick rivers instead of shoving? Assuming a call on the turn, what is the best line on like Jc, 6c. Tc type rivers ?

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Nitewin   United States. Jan 09 2021 02:53. Posts 1531

Given stack sizes, I think the move is just to jam. You'd also jam your strong combo draws.


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