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not happy with HM2

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chiam_ace   Malaysia. Nov 04 2011 00:32. Posts 30
Since I started relatively late in poker I got my HM1 after May thus eligible for a free upgrade to HM2,I thought to myself uhhh why not right.

Asides from the obvious issues that most people have pointed out eg. lag, bloated, seating preference problems, etc, I kept trying to find where the heck do I find the live tracker which keeps track of my hands played and winnings/losses. For HM1 this is the little Table Manager icon sitting at the system tray, where the hands and winnings pop out when your mouse pointer hovers over it.

And it caused me to tilt away 1.5 BIs, and I stopped playing after that.

Guess I'll be sticking back to HM1 for the time being :/

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chiam_ace   Malaysia. Nov 04 2011 00:36. Posts 30

ehhhhh just realized there's already a thread for HM2. oh well


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