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edzwoo   United States. Aug 23 2011 05:04. Posts 5911

Thanks to Hero Poker CEO David for helping me out with a Western Union deposit. You're the man!

I haven't played online poker in ages, and I've kinda been in the mood to play... I only intend to donk around a bit at micros though.

But hey, maybe I'll start taking it a bit more seriously if I feel like I'm playing well.

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Sanity   United States. Aug 23 2011 07:44. Posts 1076

welcome back gl man a lot of us donk around on merge

joLin   United States. Aug 23 2011 09:52. Posts 3818

time to change blog title back imo

YoUr_KiLLeR @ TL 

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Aug 23 2011 10:15. Posts 8584

solid play money roll

Truck-Crash Life 

NewbSaibot   United States. Aug 23 2011 11:19. Posts 4790

Woah my hero client doesnt look anything like that.

Anyway i challenge ye to a bankroll-off. It's just like a cook-off, except instead of making tasty burgers we build our bankrolls.

listening to edzwoo has made u a nit... *sigh* - Zalfor 

edzwoo   United States. Aug 23 2011 11:27. Posts 5911

challenge accepted

hneaz   United States. Aug 23 2011 12:16. Posts 79

LOL Eddie. Has Teng deposited yet?

Make me a taco! 

Exhilarate   United States. Aug 23 2011 12:24. Posts 5453

good luck dawg

NeillyJQ   United States. Aug 23 2011 12:31. Posts 8947

very nice to see u joinin up on hero, GL to u

Just remember you need to be god damn sure about their tendencies. -Artanis11 

Wreckognize   . Aug 23 2011 13:13. Posts 1263

you are young!

edzwoo   United States. Aug 23 2011 13:27. Posts 5911

  On August 23 2011 11:24 Exhilarate wrote:
good luck dawg

it will be intense

Uptown   . Aug 23 2011 23:55. Posts 3557


Half Pot! 

Spicy   United States. Aug 25 2011 23:20. Posts 1027

Hey, just wondering if you were able to get rakeback or any sort of deal

edzwoo   United States. Aug 26 2011 00:43. Posts 5911

Yup, got it from when Hero Poker CEO was promoting with his links.


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