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SIG1   United States. Jun 02 2011 19:15. Posts 651
any recommendations aside from flux?

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Sanai   United States. Jun 02 2011 19:29. Posts 643


this one by him is very old/classic/overplayed now, but if you're new to the genre, you should def check it out:

and skream is great as well.

cariadon   Estonia. Jun 02 2011 19:56. Posts 4012

Saw Benga live twice, loved it both times.

I'd also recommend Flying Lotus.

chris   United States. Jun 02 2011 20:04. Posts 5498


5 minute showers are my 8 minute abs. - Neilly 

k4ir0s   Canada. Jun 02 2011 20:33. Posts 3452

I dont know what a dt drop is. Is it a wrestling move? -Oly 

dogmeat   Czech Republic. Jun 02 2011 21:16. Posts 6374

dream theater

ban baal 

SIG1   United States. Jun 02 2011 23:09. Posts 651

tyty dling most of the artists mentioned

dUUd_   Estonia. Jun 03 2011 05:34. Posts 1840

have fun sir.

redsnuff: bets all in with bad preflop hand and tell me to learn poker redsnuff: senceless 

inc   Sweden. Jun 03 2011 09:06. Posts 107

i savour every bit of the numerous gifts life is offering me, having no worries, goals or regrets, constantly trading time for pleasure 


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