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Nice knowing you all.

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wobbly_au   Australia. Apr 16 2011 03:55. Posts 6537
Well I've had a pretty dreamlike run in poker.

Was nice knowing yallllllll.

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The Last Laugh. 

whamm!   Albania. Apr 16 2011 03:59. Posts 11625

you're not American so you've got a very decent chance you'll get paid don't worry too much. i got this email just now

Hello ,

Thank you for responding and please accept my apologies for any confusion caused in the previous email.

PokerStars is owned and operated by a legal entity licensed and located in the Isle Of Man (a crown dependency of the United Kingdom) and we pride ourselves in abiding by all relevant laws and regulations. The current situation about which you have inquired only impacts US Players.

PokerStars will continue to offer its services to all other jurisdictions. As we are not a law firm, it is difficult for us to advise our customers as to the legal situation in every jurisdiction, however the recent change is not targeted in any way at your jurisdiction.

Most importantly, rest assured your funds are safe with PokerStars and will be accessible to you whenever you may wish to withdraw.

We will keep all of our players up-to-date with any future developments.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and concern, and thank you for choosing PokerStars.


PokerStars Support Team

wobbly_au   Australia. Apr 16 2011 04:03. Posts 6537

Yea standard range merging response tho.

The Last Laugh. 

devon06atX   Canada. Apr 16 2011 04:09. Posts 5386

Relax man, I highly doubt a multi-billion dollar a year profit company is going to throw in the towel because one of the countries they had customers on is fighting back. If anything, I just expect that the middle-man transaction providers will get fined big-time to the point of closure.

whamm!   Albania. Apr 16 2011 04:14. Posts 11625

Pokerstars obviously knows the current ramifications of the whole U.S. mess now, no deposits, mass withdrawals, massive emails etc. They have all the reason to just pack up if they have even a 50% chance to coming out of this. The fact that they are still doing something about it is a clear indication they have plans of sorting this out. Id expect a major announcement tomorrow and I doubt it'll be " poof, its now gone" ROFL

devon06atX   Canada. Apr 16 2011 04:39. Posts 5386

I fucking hope not. I only have a few thousand on PS, but well, to a broke-ass student, a few grand means a lot.

Highcard   Canada. Apr 16 2011 05:53. Posts 5417

have fun dood, don't monkey spew

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RaiNKhAN    United States. Apr 16 2011 05:55. Posts 4080

dont come back

j/k gg and gl

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Endo   United States. Apr 16 2011 06:12. Posts 884

noooo wobblyyyyy

FullBRing   Philippines. Apr 16 2011 07:25. Posts 579


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TalentedTom    Canada. Apr 16 2011 12:18. Posts 20070

wobbly I will miss the time we had together
you touched my heart in so many ways
I will never forget you!

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Uptown   . Apr 16 2011 16:04. Posts 3557

see you at the trading desk.

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