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Small Jan results/Feb goals

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BJLTNYK   United States. Feb 01 2011 22:52. Posts 1226
Not putting in nearly enough hours to get going on having a big year...but coaching ends in 2 weeks so I'm still optimistic about what's ahead. Plan on having a decent month and grinding my way out of small stakes SNG/MTT land.

January results:
SNGS: 226 SNGs played (all $6.50s), +$26.80, 1.8% ROI, 37.6% ITM
MTTs: 38 MTTs played, -$249.48, -68.8% ROI, 13.2% ITM
Live cash: 1 session 1/2 NL +$471, 1 session 2/5 NL -$709
Overall: -$460.68

February goals:
500 SNGs
50 MTTs
Profit at both
Maintain the Silverstar i squeaked into lols

GL dudes...hope to be back on my feet soon and see people are reasonable non cheeseburger stakes.

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