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Goals 2011

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BJLTNYK   United States. Jan 15 2011 20:04. Posts 1226
Two weeks into the year but I've finally got my goals for 2011 down on paper so here goes:

Goal one goes without saying...but...STOP FUCKING SUCKING AT THIS GAME.

• 200k VPPs
• 15 live MTTs
• Play WSOP Main Event
• Host a live game
• Play live more often
• Play only when I can be 100% focused
• Be profitable at various forms of poker
• Tweet/blog more
• Be more accountable for when I’m playing poorly

• Have positive year gambling in other games (mainly my roulette degenning)
• Continue not sports betting
• Play more fantasy sports

• Get a new job that I ENJOY, is normal hours, and pays comparatively with health insurance…a plus if they allow for me to continue coaching high school basketball

• Lose fat, gain muscle…ideally weigh ~180 pounds
• Increase running stamina…run in 5 NYRRC races
• Become a better basketball player and play in some adult leagues
• Eat healthier but don’t let dieting consume my eating habits
• Cheat less but when I do…don’t be with fast food

• Put money into savings and DON’T touch it
• Take shots when appropriate in poker and in normal life
• Get approved for a credit card

• Get permit and drivers license
• Be less stressed overall
• Be a cleaner person for my girlfriend
• Become a better chef
• Explore home business/other investment opportunities
• Get a puppy

See you guys here all year long!


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SmartFAB: lol u are the worst play in history of online poker bjLast edit: 15/01/2011 20:08

OpWestAcct   United States. Jan 15 2011 21:47. Posts 640

How old are you? Why don't you have a license?

Fuck me 

BJLTNYK   United States. Jan 15 2011 23:34. Posts 1226

24...i live in new york cabs/public transportation have always been at my disposal...its not abnormal for city kids to not have licenses

SmartFAB: lol u are the worst play in history of online poker bj 


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