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genjix   China. Jan 06 2011 06:50. Posts 2677
Self banned myself from here for 2 reasons:
1. Very distracting. A black hole of my time. Not much gain.
2. Didn't expect negative reaction on my posts below so blanked them and left out of spite.

Anyway, hi!

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redrain0125   Canada. Jan 06 2011 06:53. Posts 5455

fuck you

F4Zi   United Kingdom. Jan 06 2011 06:57. Posts 3462

you are in china? damn you are closer to me.

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bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jan 06 2011 07:16. Posts 8646

I noticed yuo never answered my mcdonalds question whcui i thought was quite rude but ill give the benefit of the doubt and assume you missed it, so here itis-

"Hi genjix,

could you elaborate on the mcdonalds leftover thing? don't people at mcdonalds generally dump the leftovers on their trays into the garbage? i don't think i've ever really seen people at any fastfood place like that leave their food on the table.

or do you mean you just stand around a mcdonalds and wait for someone to finish eating and when they're about to get up and dump their tray you hurry over and grab their leftovers? i can't get this out of my head, i'm really having a hard time imagining exactly how this would work."

this was in response to your suggestion to the poor guy that it would be a good idea for him to go to a place such as mcdonalds and feast upon peoples leftovers

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redrain0125   Canada. Jan 06 2011 07:18. Posts 5455

fuck you

barbieman   Sweden. Jan 06 2011 07:43. Posts 2132

  On January 06 2011 06:18 redrain0125 wrote:
fuck you


bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jan 06 2011 08:21. Posts 8646

i just received a satisfactory reply via pm <3

Truck-Crash LifeLast edit: 06/01/2011 08:21

thumbz555   United States. Jan 06 2011 15:37. Posts 3281


I click buttons. 

Zep   United States. Jan 06 2011 16:53. Posts 2292

if were just gonna start spewing out all sorts of hate, let's make it count people

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whamm!   Albania. Jan 06 2011 20:56. Posts 11625

stop looking at 4chan everyday. lol


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