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Enright puzzles

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vltava   United States. Aug 16 2010 13:00. Posts 1742
Played a bunch of PLO 50 on Stars yesterday, profiting about four buy-ins. I don't think I played all that great; the games are very soft and you can get the money just by nutpeddling. I would have been up more than twice as much if I had just folded the second nuts more often.

Reached the 15k VPP threshold and cashed in the $50 "stellar reward". BR at $1590 after transferring $100 to a friend on Stars to cover borrowings to enter more satellites at the Bike.

Thursday at the Bike, won one STT sat for $530 (with the second and third place finishers whining about deals along the way) but I think I played six others without success. My play probably came off the rails a bit. I am not gathering enough information about players I play with repeatedly. I also loosened up a bit in the early stages, speculating a bit more, in light of the fact that it's winner-take-all. In retrospect I think this was an error. The games are so soft, that spending chips on speculation just makes your double-up smaller when someone gets it in against you in really bad shape, and also forces you to make a stand earlier.

Interesting hand: first deal of an $80 sat, I am UTG+1 ten-handed. 2k chips, 25/25. The UTG player has not taken his seat yet. I have As3h and muck. The dealer has not collected the UTG player's cards yet, so I check them and he has AdAh. I say nothing and push them all towards the muck. Two players limp behind me, Barbara Enright raises to 75 in the cut-off, the blinds call, and the two limpers call. So with 375 in the pot, the flop is K66 with two diamonds and it gets checked around. The turn is the five of diamonds. The SB bets 200, it's folded to Enright who pops it to 800, the SB mulls a bit and mucks the K5o face up.

I wonder what she had. KK has only one combination and her preflop raise was dreadfully small, but it seems plausible. She did not have a king with the Ad, because the UTG player had the red aces. She could have had a hand like JTdd or 76 suited, which makes more sense, but I still think the stack sizes are wrong for a preflop pot-builder raise with a suited connector, since the pot would have been large enough for an all-in bet on the river to be close to the size of the pot if she just limped and flopped a big hand or a big draw and got there by the river, assuming there would be a pot size bet on each street. She couldn't have had KQdd, since the Kd was on the board, so it's a mystery. I would discount a bluff or a semi-bluff, since the SB's play looks exactly like he has a six until he starts thinking and folds.

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