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week recap

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vltava   United States. Aug 09 2010 01:08. Posts 1742
Broke into $15+1 STT's last night. Stars BR up to $1220 now, so while I got skunked in three STT satellites with buy-ins totalling $200 at the Bike today, making my live play for the week slightly ($30) in the red, online I'm up $980. 2300 VPP so far for the month, but that should accelerate now that I'm into the $16's. I have an eye for $25+2 and $35+3 at some point, but just having a really hot streak which bloats my bankroll will not, I think, feel like adequate justification for me to move up. For some reason I want to play at least a thousand or so games at this level to make it feel legitimate.

In other news, I bought my girlfriend, Carol, "Getting Started in Hold'Em" by Ed Miller and she's enjoying it and studying it diligently. I've been giving her a pretty solid grounding in the rules, evaluating hand strength, and calculating outs; so far, what she's reading is reinforcing some of the things we've worked on so far. She has a pretty good mind so I would place a solid bet on her being a winning poker player within a few months.

As I was writing this, she came in the door, brought me the book and pointed out an error. /boggle This bodes well...

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tooker: there is very little money in stts.  

AznFisherman   United States. Aug 09 2010 02:14. Posts 956

keep it going!


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