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I am going to lose my Super Nova status.

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Amygdala   Netherlands. Jul 24 2010 20:18. Posts 2
How the hell did things get this far? Well last month. I waited until the last moment to get enough points to keep my Super Nova status. I really had to work my ass off and this actually made me completely sick off poker. In the beginning of July I just figured to take a couple of days off after which I planned to put my grinding hat back on but I just didn’t feel like it. The Netherlands reached the final of the world cup of football/soccer. Which meant that I had to party my ass of during the last matches.

Even though we lost the final, the home coming of the team was completely crazy. It looked like we had won the world cup. The team got a parade through the Amsterdam canals with a salutation at the Museumplein. All that drinking and partying actually made me more tired and I simply didn’t feel like playing poker.

Instead I read a lot about marketing and social media. Learned how to use twitter to get hits for the website and I implemented a couple of new features in the site. Most of the time everything went wrong in the beginning. That was very frustrating and we all know that it is a bad idea to play when you are frustrated. So that didn’t help either.

At July 20th I felt it was time to start playing again. I had a good feeling and was ready to kick some ass. Things turned out differently

After this session I immediately was sick of poker again. In mylast blogs I told you guys how short my bankroll is. The pressure this kind of crap gives me is really getting to me. I know I sound like a wuz right now, but the last 6 months really has been hard for me. It just sucks.

I took another couple of days off and worked on the site again. And today I felt like playing again. I am still sick of Full Ring so I decided to play some 6 max and I actually ran very hot. It was raining sets. I actually flopped a set 35% of the times I saw a flop with a pocket pair. On average you only flop a set 11,5% of the time you see a flop with a pocket pair.

It felt so good that I decided to write something again. So although all my plans for July are a complete failure and I am going to lose my Super Nova status, I actually feel positive again.

If I really wanted to I could still earn the 7500k vpp’s needed to keep the VIP status, but I don’t think it is wise to do so. Last month it really took too much out of me and I want to keep positive feeling. Besides that, at the beginning of the month I already had 92500 VPP’s so I will get my Super Nova status back in no time anyway.

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Life s real failure is when you do not realize how close you were to success when you gave up. 

SfydjkLm   Belarus. Jul 24 2010 21:42. Posts 3810

yea.. going to los angeles woulda been betta

*wink wink* 


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