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Epic Day

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acdawg712   United States. May 01 2010 22:21. Posts 2639
The end result: I'm a graduate of the University of Michigan with a BS in Actuarial Mathematics.

After drinking rather heavily last night, I had to get up at 6:30am with 4 hours of sleep to pouring rain. My housemates and I walk to the field where all the graduates are convening and mingle around for a bit before we go to the Big House where commencement was held.

We mingled around for about 3 hours seeing fellow graduates before commencement began. After about an hour of various speeches and other processes, the commencement speaker entered stage right.

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

President Obama did not disappoint. He is a phenomenal speaker and has an aura about him. He was quite funny and engaged every person in the stadium. He began with some light material about reading 10 letters a day including letters from a 1st grade class in which a student asked if he lived near a volcano. The President then discussed the importance of government in the country, regarding the proper amount of regulation. One funny criticism he received was the interference of the government on Medicare, which is funny because Medicare is a government program. The end result was that the best government needs the involvement of the people. The people must be educated and participate to ensure this. The President ended his speech by urging the graduates to protect rights and forge a common future. He referred to the classic phrase "Treat others as you would treat yourself". He urged us to fight the prejudices so commonly found in American and ignore race, skin, and sexuality in choosing our day to day lives. This especially resonated with me because I took a class this semester regarding the importance of equality of Socio Economic Class, which involves class, race, gender, and sexuality. Of course, he spoke with such eloquence and intelligence.

Afterwords, I had lunch and a small commencement with my major and said my goodbyes to many of my friends and classmates throughout the rest of the day in my last day of undergraduate life. My house now has no internet so I've been typing this for 20 minutes as I meet the last of my friends for some drinks.

I'll be in Atlantic City at Harrah's and Borgata for the 2+2 Borgata Party from Tuesday-Thursday. Stop by if you can. Then i'll be chilling until the 13th when I will go to Taiwan until the 31st. I hope to see some college friends then. June is rather open for me right now and I hope I will be able to visit Vegas then. Thanks for reading and good luck/congrats to all graduating students!

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phil hellmuth is genuinely a stupid person and he does not understand poker very well at all - [vital]myth 

acdawg712   United States. May 01 2010 22:27. Posts 2639

I will post some more pictures as I am able to get them off my parents' camera and from friends. It is among the most surreal feelings, the transition from student to full time worker. Up to college, school has pretty much 8 to 3 and then do some work, sports, etc. In college, there are no set times for classes. Sex, drugs, and alcohol are rampant and there are so many freedoms compared to the years leading to it. Going into the 'real world' feels like regressing. Work from 9-5 everyday and relax for a bit and do it again until the weekends. There's no waking up in the afternoon and randomly drinking throughout the day on a Tuesday anymore. I guess making 62k will make me free a bit better about it. Who knows what I'll be doing 6 years from now. Looks like I ranted, sorry.

phil hellmuth is genuinely a stupid person and he does not understand poker very well at all - [vital]myth 

Highcard   Canada. May 01 2010 22:35. Posts 5423

that is baller dude

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tapatapaz   Brasil. May 01 2010 22:50. Posts 1278

nice bro, congrats

And what does self awareness have to do with anything you retard? srsly stfu. - baal 

Vivi57   United States. May 01 2010 23:26. Posts 314

massive gratz

TekxY   Mexico. May 01 2010 23:33. Posts 236

really nice, congratz!

Welcome to the desert... of the Real. 

joLin   United States. May 01 2010 23:36. Posts 3818

im also graduating this semester in actuarial mathematics, yay.

YoUr_KiLLeR @ TL 

milkman   United States. May 02 2010 02:47. Posts 5719

Michigan looks like dogshit, congrats on the graduation tho

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