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New GF new Site!

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Masaki   Canada. Apr 22 2010 01:11. Posts 93
Life has been good, didn't play for like two months though been working on my new site that I just launched. I redirect to Love my new gf she's amazing and posed for my new website :D.

Its good to have Adam and AJ back playing because exams are over. Its been getting pretty lonely just me playing. We’re planning to do a Greedy Gamble “Lock Down” where we’re not allowed to leave the house for a week. We’re probably going to do this sometime in June/July.

In poker, I’m still waiting for another big scores. Some small ones here and there but nothing too big. Today I final table bubbled the $109 6-max on FTP. Lost ATs vs A9o. Oh well! That’s Poker!

Yes, I finally received my triple crown on and yes its beautiful. Though, I feel kinda pathetic winning it in small events, oh well still counts suckers!

I’m excited to keep playing poker as much as I can. Its a challenge to myself to see how much I can make this year if I can make the $100k again. I have a feeling I just had a really good year and this year it won’t be so great, but I’m trying to stay positive. So far this month things haven’t been going my way, but we’ll see I’m a very patient man.

Things that are coming up in my life, I’m finally getting my Mini 2nd week of May, and I’m going to Cuba third week of May, with my girl friend, and Speedybanana and his girl friend. Should be a great time! It’ll be nice to relax in the warm sun after playing poker for a month straight.

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Helmet   Philippines. Apr 22 2010 02:12. Posts 930

i bet you my dick that girl isn't your gf.

People who are brash and not image focused, people who are the opposite of sycophantic are maybe stereotypically the most trustworthy. - Steal City 

Masaki   Canada. Apr 22 2010 02:37. Posts 93

Yeah, your dick? I'll take bets, you have money on any site? 

TheHuHu3   United States. Apr 22 2010 03:38. Posts 5544

I'll bet you my GF that isn't your dick.

TheHuHu4 coming soon :) 

Rande   Finland. Apr 22 2010 05:12. Posts 181

I'll bet you my GF's dick that you guys don't have the balls to pull this bet through.

dUUd_   Estonia. Apr 22 2010 06:34. Posts 1840

is nice. u nerds stop posting pls.

redsnuff: bets all in with bad preflop hand and tell me to learn poker redsnuff: senceless 

Steal City   United States. Apr 22 2010 10:27. Posts 2537

  On April 22 2010 04:12 Rande wrote:
I'll bet you my GF's dick that you guys don't have the balls to pull this bet through.


Masaki   Canada. Apr 22 2010 12:46. Posts 93

LOL. Love you guys. 

YoMeR   United States. Apr 22 2010 12:47. Posts 12432

she's a noob, don't she knows i gots teh 4 kings?

ez fold

eZ Life. 

Svenman87   United States. Apr 22 2010 14:23. Posts 4636

She's a dirty cheater! she's looking for queens in the deck...

I'd never play her HU

vegable   United States. Apr 22 2010 15:05. Posts 2453


Stir fry Normandy 

[GiTM]-Ace   United States. Apr 22 2010 15:34. Posts 1584

whats your stars/ftp names? triple crown baller :D

[GiTM]- GoSu in the Making 

Svenman87   United States. Apr 22 2010 15:35. Posts 4636

also - tits or gtfo

Masaki   Canada. Apr 22 2010 15:49. Posts 93

is my p5s baller. 


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