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Chobo1   Thailand. Apr 13 2010 03:44. Posts 287


for all that don't know, Songkran is the thai new year. It starts on the 13th april and generally ends on the 16th april

I've been in thailand since Dec' 08 so i was in thailand last songkran. it was fuckin amazing!

Here is where i'm going tonight to party it up and soak the hot girls in white t-shirts

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Chobo1   Thailand. Apr 13 2010 03:51. Posts 287

on the 2nd video, u see this 2 fat skin heads talkin to the video at around 1.42min. I'm preeetty sure a few nights ago at one of the after hours clubs that those were the guys that got into a huge fight against some other guys over some girls...they were standing 3 metres away from me lmao. fuckin idiots.

Stroggos   New Zealand. Apr 13 2010 05:39. Posts 1117

Ballllllinnnnn!!! I'm finding more and more reasons to go to thailand.

Chobo1   Thailand. Apr 13 2010 06:29. Posts 287

just found out there's gonna be a FOAAAAAM PARTYYYYYYY TONIIIGHT

ohh yea

Silver_nz   New Zealand. Apr 13 2010 06:32. Posts 5645

lol the streets are at a standstill up here in chiang mai, people throwing water and dancing everywhere. i'm goin back out w my trusty supersoaker

SpeedyJack   United States. Apr 13 2010 11:06. Posts 618

just make sure they dont have white shorts on, might catch an unpleasant eyeful

SuzukaKirei   United States. Apr 13 2010 13:40. Posts 5

Is this you who fucked a guy over in a stake? If this is not you, I apologize.

hoylemj   United States. Apr 13 2010 14:58. Posts 840

buZZ kill

Baalim   Mexico. Apr 13 2010 15:34. Posts 34157

bye bye scammer

Ex-PokerStars Team Pro Online 

mjcace2   United States. Apr 13 2010 20:12. Posts 4

Yeah that's him. I love how he parties his ass off with my money and acts like he is too broke to pay the money he stole from us. Marcel, Please quit being a degenerate lowlife and pay your debts.



Royal_Rumble   Germany. Apr 14 2010 06:52. Posts 1760

chobo you suck.

money won is twice as sweet as money earned.  

BILAT_POWER!!!   Philippines. Dec 30 2011 10:06. Posts 1525

happy new year scammer!


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