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Atlantic City in May anyone?

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acdawg712   United States. Apr 06 2010 06:46. Posts 2639
If anyone is from the Mid-Atlantic area and wants to go to Borgata from May 4th-6th, let me know. 2+2 is having a 'party' with reduced hotel rates, free breakfast and lunch buffets, prize drawings, and a tournament. Unfortunately, Mason Malmuth is a hardass so everything is techinically public.

I've been playing a little poker on Bodog recently, PLO 25 and 50 as well as 10 dollar sngs. It's been ok but I've cashed out to finish up the school year. I'll be graduating in May from the University of Michigan, culminating in a speech from President Obama. From there, I'll be grinding in AC for a couple week before heading to Taiwan(anyone there?) from May 13th to 31st. Then I plan on going to Las Vegas sometime in the month and a half before full-time work begins in Central Jersey. I plan on grinding the tournaments and 1/2 and 2/5 on weekends as I settle into full time work, unless I quickly meet new people. Anyway, I have class in 4.5 hours so GL all in poker and life.

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CT_rider   United States. Apr 06 2010 07:50. Posts 134

im def me if serious


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