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The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

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sooon2b   United States. Feb 28 2010 03:21. Posts 774
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Amazing video, quite long. Lets just say, if you are currently anti-marijuana, you really should watch this video in all seriousness. People need to be informed.

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Stroggos   New Zealand. Feb 28 2010 03:46. Posts 1117

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sooon2b   United States. Feb 28 2010 03:49. Posts 774

US Govt tries to convince its population otherwise 

nlloser60   . Feb 28 2010 04:12. Posts 304


WastedGate   United States. Feb 28 2010 07:40. Posts 667

hadnt seen that before but knew all of the stuff in it. pretty good doc.

wait wha? 

DvoBoardRider   Afghanistan. Feb 28 2010 08:09. Posts 849

funny. my bro was just texting me about this.

sooon2b   United States. Feb 28 2010 13:44. Posts 774

Yeh, I knew a good amount from just common sense and experience with the drug, but that video still made me feel extremely uninformed! The govt/pharmaceutical companies are dirty and try to keep cannabis illegal because they have nothing to gain from it, despite all its amazing uses 

2c0ntent   Egypt. Mar 07 2012 15:10. Posts 1387

this is an awesome documentary



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