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Just don't know

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Afterme   Bulgaria. Dec 29 2009 17:28. Posts 23
Hi there, I'm just back from 1/2 live playing session and I'm really obssessed by one of the hands I've played there.It was vs a regular who I've played a lot and I kinda soulread him.Because my tight image across the table at all I decided to raise from the button with Qc6h to 12 and get called by 2 ppl one of which was this guy.The flop comes QsJc3c I got 2 checks before me so I cbet for 31 and the reg who was SB raise me for 200.He was with almost 600$ infront of him since I had a little more than 300$.So it was time for hard decision, I knew he has some kind of flush draw, but this raise was like...LOL.So I called him and...the end is clear - allin on the turn, and club on the river.I just don't know what to think for this hand.Since the turn was 6d which gave me 2 pairs with about 50-60 left in my stack I don't think I had any other option than getting allin on the turn, but decpite this the hand was obv. decided on the flop and I'm not sure If I make the right decision.Mathematically I know that I'm ahead, and I was 101% sure he is on flushdraw but is this enough to call in this situation or I should fold and wait for better spot since all the players on the table were super fishes?I was reading this guy like an open book but this sitll wasn't enough.Maybe I really should have fold this, but dman it, in spots like this when you know exactly what to expect is it really still a bad call?

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Ezekiell   Hungary. Dec 29 2009 17:38. Posts 718

u made a +EV call /why not shove flop yourself?/, nice read-dependant play, u just got coolered

if u know ur ahead, why would u fold?

u got someone to call u with second top pair in headsup?  

Afterme   Bulgaria. Dec 29 2009 17:44. Posts 23

It's because the tendencies on the table which I was aware of.What I mean is that all of the players were folding often on the turn when they get called on the flop and miss the next card.So i def. prefered to see a non club turn and shove it all-in, because that chance to make him folding without seeing the river.But since I didn't have much money left, or because he felt himself too strong, idk which one is true, I get called and so..this is the reason to left some money for the turn but as I said, the decision was made on the flop and everything after that is just history.

Ezekiell   Hungary. Dec 29 2009 18:08. Posts 718

lol if he reraises to 200, hes never folding for 60 more, no matter what :D if u think u have the best hand, just shove... and btw, if a club turn comes, u just cant fold for 60 more

and shoving there with a weak TP is good for metagame too

u got someone to call u with second top pair in headsup?  

qwerty67890   New Zealand. Dec 29 2009 19:04. Posts 14026

as above.

terrybunny19240   United States. Dec 29 2009 21:12. Posts 13829

what the fuck are you talking about

Sicks Macks   United States. Dec 29 2009 21:15. Posts 3929

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