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still looking for staking

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birdstone44   United States. Dec 19 2009 00:30. Posts 18
Just bumping my previous post. Let me know if interested and I can confirm who i am in pstars chat.

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phexac   United States. Dec 19 2009 01:37. Posts 2563

To anyone looking to stake this guy, if you are really burning to put your money somewhere other than your account, just give it to me. I'll hold it for a few weeks, while doing absolutely nothing with it, and then give it back to you. You'll feel just as if you staked someone and it went ok.

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domyouji   Zimbabwe. Dec 19 2009 01:50. Posts 435

how do i trust u phexac?

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thumbz555   United States. Dec 19 2009 05:16. Posts 3281

birdstone, i have a program for u
1. sell a kidney
2. gambul
3. profit

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