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Coaching, UFC and future storytime

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D_Zoo   Canada. Oct 26 2009 18:55. Posts 4013
First off I have some more free time coming up so I will be able to do more lessons for those who desire to do so.
My rates for individual sweating lessons are:
200nl: $158
400nl+: $210

video analysis (leakfinder style where u make a video with no audio and give it to me and I add audio, etc) is
$105 for 100nl
$158 for anything over 100nl

- the weird numbers are because of government tax. What started off as giving a couple lessons has spiraled rather quickly and I claim the lessons as my business and pay tax on them. So if you pay tax then u can claim the lessons. For those that don't no worries I just call it a consulting business so has nothing to do with poker.

I will also do more coaching packages involving 10 lessons and daily HH review for hands outside session times which is a bit more money. I would only advise it for students who can stick to a more strict schedule and really eager and dedicated to learn and improve.It requires more commitment and time.

- I am a big UFC fan and should post more in those threads. I have seen or followed online everyone since UFC 1. The first few we sat around a buddy illegal cable box watching them then would make his couch cushions into an octagon and all fight each other. I was the smallest but never tired back then haha. Nazgul has recently turned me onto K1 which I always ignored since I heard the American rumours that everything Japanese was shady and fixed. If u never seen Manhoef fight u need to youtube this guy! Back to UFC, I bet on them all the time so anyone that wants to talk UFC let me know. I also bet sports everyday haha.

ALso I am now starting the winter bulk up and want to get to 220-230 pounds with ultimate goal a lean 205 by early next year (first 3 months).Thus, wish me luck =)

I have 3in mind for the next one and anyone who wants to vote can do so if they enjoy my stories. Here are the potential story titles
1)Assblow ( a long story that takes many amusing twists)
2) A few short stories (a few of the shorter ones)
3) Beastiality? (name says it all)

I will write it next time I come home from bar piss drunk

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You aint a poet ur just a drunk with a penLast edit: 26/10/2009 20:04

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Oct 26 2009 19:00. Posts 8648

ooh beastiality plz

Truck-Crash Life 

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Oct 26 2009 19:01. Posts 8648

err, or whatever

Truck-Crash Life 

Matt98568   United States. Oct 26 2009 19:10. Posts 2391

Stories in the order of options

palak   United States. Oct 26 2009 19:16. Posts 4601

i vote for beastiality

dont tap the about ready to take a fucking hammer to the aquarium 

BigRed0000    United States. Oct 26 2009 19:20. Posts 3554

you are so awesome. I love me some D-zoo. Come to vegas asap plz.

qwerty67890   New Zealand. Oct 26 2009 19:21. Posts 14026

i vote for assblow...

actually not bothered, whichever one is funniest

D_Zoo   Canada. Oct 26 2009 19:40. Posts 4013

  On October 26 2009 18:16 palak wrote:
i vote for beastiality

remember its Beastiality? the question markl is there for a reason =)

You aint a poet ur just a drunk with a pen 

AURELIUS   United States. Oct 26 2009 19:43. Posts 32

You guys crack me up when you talk UFC...I have been there since the first UFC and truthfully the greatest No holds barred fighter never even fought in the UFC or Pride (I could be wrong about pride). Rickson GRACIE !!!!!! Shat I was even fortunate enough to train in brazilian jujitsu with Kenny florian when we both were student of Roberto Miaia who is a Gracie student under the GRACIE UMBRELLA of Instructors. I just laugh now because it isn't the real thing like the first 5 UFC's no wieght class and you fought 4 fights in one night...NOW THAT WAS AWESOME. I remeber the first time I saw Taktorov and his russian sambo that was great too and Bas Rutten and those kicks and elbows.

My point to this is the UFC is good but it is not like the past and it won't ever be again due to the rules and regulations. Hey I am 5'7 & 140lbs and I doubt there are few poker players who can kick my ass and that is real. We can go brazilian jujitsu, we can go sambo, we can go thai shat we can even go good ole american wrestling like I did in high school.

But as for poker I am a lame in learning just waiting for the right coach and right time.


palak   United States. Oct 26 2009 19:52. Posts 4601

  On October 26 2009 18:40 D_Zoo wrote:
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remember its Beastiality? the question markl is there for a reason =)

I still vote for it

dont tap the about ready to take a fucking hammer to the aquarium 

DustySwedeDude   Sweden. Oct 26 2009 19:57. Posts 8623

UFC is superfun. They need Overeem and Fedor though, and probably Moussasi. Then it'd be truly supercool!

Zografa   Bulgaria. Oct 26 2009 20:35. Posts 962

d_zoo is one of the best things that can happen to you in poker

The fish call, the shark raise. 

Svenman87   United States. Oct 26 2009 21:33. Posts 4636

I vote for short stories

gawdawaful   Canada. Oct 26 2009 21:48. Posts 9012

beastiality imo!

Im only good at poker when I run good 

geometryb   United States. Oct 26 2009 23:07. Posts 413

assblow sounds the best

Funktion   Australia. Jan 14 2010 02:28. Posts 1638

Ok it's been long enough. Come on now give the people what they want.   Canada. Feb 25 2011 02:47. Posts 3069

They all sounds good, assblow sounds good

===== ===== 

Jhyun88   United States. Feb 25 2011 07:54. Posts 1383

Sweat sessions are per hour right?

Also, interested in pricing for the coaching package.


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