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First Day Back and Advice From Subiime!

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Masaki   Canada. Oct 18 2009 02:01. Posts 93
First day back since not playing for probably a month. Did extremely well, I made at least 5 Final tables. Won one small $11 rebuy on Cake Poker, placed 3rd in a $5 rebuy on Fulltilt Poker, 3rd in another small $11 rebuy on Ipoker, a 7th in a $109 freezeout Ipoker and an 8th in a $15 Deepstack tournament on Absolute Poker.

Came very close to winning a Triple crown for If you don't know what that is its when you win three tournaments on three different websites that have at least a $10k prize pool. If I won the $11rebuy on Ipoker and the $5 rebuy on Fulltilt I would of got the triple crown... Oh well.. Someday soon I hope .

In other news I had a conversation with Subiime, a very good online poker player, ranked 46th in the world right now on pocketfives for online multitable tournament players, he told me that he has cut back on the volume of tournaments he plays and just plays like 4 tables at a time where as before he was doing 20+.

I'm going to take his advice kinda... I'm going to drop all of the $33 dollar tournaments I play Party Poker, and play some of their rebuys instead. I'm also only going to play $55 buy-in+ and $3rebuys+... Maybe even drop some of the rebuys. I love rebuy tournaments, even the $3rebuys I love on stars. You can get close to $10k for first place but there probably not worth taking up my time playing. I'm going to drop some other tournaments on Ipoker that just don't bring in a large enough field.

As soon as Bodog allows Canadians to use moneybookers I'll be playing on that site as well, so my hands are going to be full. I really like Subiimes advice about cutting the volume down though. Definitely, going to do it... maybe I'll drop those $3rebuys. Maybe..

If I was a machine I'd be playing all the tournaments even the $2 dollar ones Shaun Deeb style, but I haven't been able to keep up. Once I get to 15 tables+ I'm stressing out and thats not good. I'm very comfortable with 12-15 tables, 15 is a stretch though.

Two Months Two Million has ended NOOOO!!!!! I mean it was a fun show to watch but as for Poker education there isn't much to learn from other than you should still have fun with your friends, and understanding the swings of the game. The one thing I didn't like is that they were very emotional and tiltish. At least Krantz was, and for professionals thats a little surprising. Oh well...

Check it out at if you haven't already.

Anyways, its my buddy Eric's B-day party tomorrow so I won't be playing but hopefully I will be Saturday. Cheers everyone

For more info about my winnings and blog stuff go to

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