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If you have 10 minutes, watch this.

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BalloonFight   United States. Aug 05 2009 04:45. Posts 1380

Inspirational imo

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longple    Sweden. Aug 05 2009 05:38. Posts 4471


SIG1   United States. Aug 05 2009 05:43. Posts 651

this invention is a result of him being angry. gr8 form of tilt.

Vivi57   United States. Aug 05 2009 06:10. Posts 314

wow, that's pretty awesome

Baalim   Mexico. Aug 05 2009 07:04. Posts 33928

except that this has been invented before without the pump, which sux cuz it will obv break or clog.

i dont know about just a filter i mean, i am obv not an expert but water treatment plants posses much more steps than this with many chemicals to clean the water, why wouldnt they just filter it like this since it would be much more efficient? maybe its more costly or this is kinda bs?

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Pindarots   Netherlands. Aug 05 2009 07:19. Posts 802

If what he says is correct, previous methods wouldnt filter well enough to filter out certain viruses. If it works like the guy says it works, this is a pretty nice invention. Too bad it's still 170 GBP, so close to $300. Even though it can of course save lifes and that's worth it, but it's not something you'd buy like "hey, let's do something good for the African people and send them a few of those bottles". It's not like giving away a $80 donkey . For governments and such it's of course well worth considering.

DooMeR   United States. Aug 05 2009 09:11. Posts 8516

im very impressed.
and it is a step in the right direction even if it fails which i have faith it wont.
the thinking and logic is sound. if they find a way to properly apply it, this could be incredible

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egood   United States. Aug 05 2009 10:11. Posts 1883

someone is still going to have to pay for these things to be manufactured and shipped to these people in need, but its a good idea.

PokerDoc88   Australia. Aug 23 2009 05:29. Posts 3527

since it only works to filter out 15nm particles (ie. smallest viruses) it still won't filter out much smaller non-biological particles that can still be harmful in drinking water ie. chemical wastes from industrial plants. Still, it's a step in the right direction, and it could be used in a lot of dirty water sources which aren't polluted with chemicals.

Highcard   Canada. Aug 23 2009 05:50. Posts 5428

thanks for the vid and yeah i was wondering about the chemicals in the water. Why it may not be used in large scale could be that they can't make large enough filters limiting it to hand held bottles

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