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[Advice Wanted] Vegas Trip

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Aphelion   United States. May 04 2009 00:15. Posts 267
So, its been a year since graduation and some of my college friends and I are thinking of making a trip to Vegas for reunion. There's around 7 of us and we're wondering how to best make use of the 4 days we will be there for. None of us are "high rollers" by any stretch of the imagination, so we're looking for how to get the most Vegas experience for our money - which hotels to stay, where to go, etc.

I know some of you guys practically live in Vegas, so any advice would be great!

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PoorUser    United States. May 04 2009 00:47. Posts 7456

i dunno what your budget is like but i think most of the hotels on the strip are pretty expensive

southpoint is off the strip by a few minutes and is really cheap and then run shuttles pretty often to the strip and its a pretty nice place for the money

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C Huuustle   Canada. May 04 2009 03:31. Posts 83

ill be staying at the venetian in a few days... hopefully that place is pretty siick...

qwerty67890   New Zealand. May 04 2009 04:32. Posts 14026

I really liked the atmosphere downtown when i went.

The Golden Nugget is a nice hotel, and the casinos downtown spread lower limit table games (better value for fun gambol and endless drinks). When i went to vegas I stayed at Nugget, Hilton, Luxor and Imperial Palace (all hotels in your range) and the Nugget was my favourite by far. It is away from the strip but I thought there was lots more going on. I didnt go out to any clubs or anything I dunno if theres any good ones downtown.

On the strip Imperial Palace is in a great location. Its dirt cheap for where it is, rooms are fine, no need to eat there or really do anything but sleep there, since you can hang out at Belllagio/Caesars etc. Slow elavators will send you on eternal life tilt but are pretty funny at the same time... I dont think i did any gambling at IP, but they have look-a-likes dealing blackjack which could be funny when drunk.

Sahara is pretty ghetto but I think my brother stayed there for $18/night.

Buses run up and down the strip and its a $3 for an all day pass.

However since the economic downturn has bum fucked everything in vegas you could probably get a much nicer hotel at the moment for next to nothing.

Fun stuff to do:

sky dive (expensive but totally worth it)
new york new york rollercoaster
stratosphere rides
gun range (this might not be as fun as ur from US and get to fuck around with guns everywhere already)

Aphelion   United States. May 05 2009 01:53. Posts 267

Thanks guys! Basically we're just a bunch of guys who want some relatively clean fun after we all got jobs after college. We'd like to stay somewhere within range of everything but we don't need to be right on the strip or anything. I would definitely look at the hotels byrnesam suggested.

In terms of casinos, are there any specific ones that we can have fun and try a bunch of stuff (and poker obv) without needing to blow our entire br?


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