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Can't beat Nl 2 6 max looooool

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boblion   Andorra. Nov 07 2008 15:49. Posts 354
So because i was tired to being raped by rake at 1$ micro sng for a 0-1% Roi, i decided to move to 5$ sng ( "only" 10% rake here loooool )

Since i had only 15 buy-in it was clearly not a good decision. Variance was too high for my br and nerves hopefully i didnt lost money.

Instead i decided to try cash game with my 35euros left.
I was only rolled for NL2 and i chose 6 max like the sng i used to play.

Now the nightmare begins. I'm not good at poker, i'm a beginner and i knew it. But everybody told me " Why u play SNg u stupid, cash game is EZ"

Well, actually cash game is way harder.
I can't beat this limit. I tried to play deep ( 5$) and it doesnt work for me. I spew too much vs short stackers, and i always run bad in deep vs deep confrontations, and i can't afford to lose my whole stack.

Then i tried with 2$ and it doesnt work either. Deep people have really wide ranges and are tricky and short stackers are so agressive

Tips ?
Should i play full ring ?

What are the hand that i should play ?

- i try to limp pairs < 77 if it isnt too expensive
- I will raise pairs > 77
- i might try to limp KK or AA vs one opponent
- i raise Ax(s) ( low x ) if i have position ortherwise i usually limp or fold ( depending on position again )
- i raise AJ/AQ/AK in all positions
- I might limp or raise JT(s), QJ(s), KQ(s) depending on position too.

- i might try to limp the other kind of hands if nobody raises.

Is it ok ? too calling station ?

Also i have big troubles to fold a top pair or a double pair and i tend to spew too much for draws
Obvious leaks that i need to improve.

I have tried a new rule. I start a table with 2$ and i try to leave when i get to 3$. Is it a good idea ?

Also i play on 3 tables at the same time. I might try 4 if my br increases but i'm quite bad at multi-tasking ( low apm p user ;D ).

Help or i will have to cash out / play donkaments again. .

I have too many leaks ...

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I worship variance but she is a bitch.Last edit: 07/11/2008 15:53

Roto   United States. Nov 07 2008 16:01. Posts 264

If you read Grot's guide you'll know the basics to beat NL2. If you still can't win after following Grot's Guide it will just takes time to get use to different post flop situations and what to do. People literally give you money at NL2

AKA Rotodyne on Teamliquid 

eightfourO   United States. Nov 07 2008 16:03. Posts 820

i'm not going to lie, i didn't read your blog bc i am 9-tabling right now. so this is just experience and knowledge based solely on your title.

You cannot play 2nl 6-max.
The whole point of a 6-max game is to be aggressive and scare people off their cards. You have a wider range of what you're playing and you hit str8s and flushes more often, plus there are less people to call you. It's meant to be an aggressive game. With this being said, you cannot scare any of the tardfish off their hands at 2nl. They are literally too stupid to be affected by your strategy. My suggestion: don't play 6 max until you get to 25nl, where they pay attention and your aggression is a factor.

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edzwoo   United States. Nov 07 2008 16:12. Posts 5911

I was about to post what 84o said.

NL2 is the ultimate form of stupidity. The inherit nature of 6max is: blinds come around faster -> forces you to play more hands -> forces you to outplay your opponent.

Problem is it doesn't matter, 6max or not, your opponents are going to be playing the exact same amount of hands they would in either situation, and you cannot outplay your opponent because they're so stupid. So really all that happens is the blinds eat your money quicker.

So yeah, don't play NL2 6max. The reason people play 6max is because they want to play real poker. NL2 is not real poker. It's wait for AA and open shove pre and hope one of the 4 people that call you doesn't suckout.

boblion   Andorra. Nov 07 2008 16:19. Posts 354

Moookay gonna try NL 2 full ring instead.

I worship variance but she is a bitch. 

LazyFisH   Australia. Nov 07 2008 16:57. Posts 686

Cash games are harder than SNGs

joLin   United States. Nov 07 2008 17:00. Posts 3818

youre playing too fancy. raise all pocket pairs, cbet and give up the small ones if you dont hit your set. play AK AQ AJ.

do not limp anything, ESPECIALLY AA/KK. raise all pocket pairs, AK AQ AJ and play straightforward. bet when you hit, give them up if you dont. i played this way and i rape nl2.

YoUr_KiLLeR @ TL 

terrybunny19240   United States. Nov 07 2008 17:33. Posts 13829


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