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so sick

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all_in_4tw   Canada. May 25 2008 08:55. Posts 4515

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I sometimes fold AA preflop to balance my range 

fenner   Australia. May 25 2008 09:01. Posts 2188

holy shit

Royal_Rumble   Germany. May 25 2008 09:04. Posts 1760

wow, daut was 11th!

money won is twice as sweet as money earned.  

Logiabs~   Colombia. May 25 2008 09:09. Posts 9133


Ezekiell   Hungary. May 25 2008 09:13. Posts 718

  On May 25 2008 08:04 Royal_Rumble wrote:
wow, daut was 11th!

it was Ket, not Daut!

u got someone to call u with second top pair in headsup?  

Garfed   Malta. May 25 2008 09:35. Posts 4818

Holy shit, I wonder how good he had to run to win 2 FTOPS events regardless his skill ;o

EscapingR   Netherlands. May 25 2008 09:56. Posts 2353

wow thats sick indeed

MilZo   France. May 25 2008 10:36. Posts 1333

on the same topic, one dude just FTed the Sunday Million twice in a month for a 4th and a 2nd place, which is very very sick considering the size of the field

S1KLYF, this is the profession we chose 


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