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Aphelion   United States. Apr 20 2008 14:53. Posts 267

Complete and utter luck =p.

I entered the tourny thinking, hey why not, just chat it up w/ some LP people. Stole the first pot, then proceeded to be utterly valuetowned by TAG player and TwistedEcho cuz I'm a calling station who calls down w/ A high. Basically I had no chance postflop against anyone of these guys, and the only way I won was through 3 coinflips w/ 88 and 77 vs high cards.

Got on to the final table, still uneventful, but stole a couple more pots through squeeze plays / flop cbets. Hit some cards and won more coinflips vs shortstacked all ins, and suddenly I was the chip leader. Things got three handed w/ me having around 65% of chips and Ket and AAAARRRRGH splitting the rest. I decided to be very aggressive, raising about just every button and small blind because

1. I can't play postflop
2. I can't play postflop
3. Playing postflop vs Ket scares me.
4. I can't play postflop.
3. Being aggressive is cool omgz.

I hit more cards, took Ket out KJ vs KT, and entered HU w/ a 10:1 chiplead. Things were a wash mostly, with me stealing most of the initial blinds but then being checked shoved w/ me having 9 high and having to fold. Things were stagnant for a while w/ us exchanging blinds, but then I picked up AA, he shoved, and I held to win!!!

And thats how the worst player won.

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TwistedEcho    United Kingdom. Apr 20 2008 14:58. Posts 3539

3. Playing postflop vs Ket scares me.

This one is easy - make a pair or have Khi+, and don't press fold

pwpwpwpwpwpwpwpwpwLast edit: 20/04/2008 14:58

Jubert69   United States. Apr 20 2008 15:05. Posts 3191

How many coinlfips you win off me?

Jubert69   United States. Apr 20 2008 15:05. Posts 3191

btw, im TAG Player, gj

Oly   United Kingdom. Apr 20 2008 15:06. Posts 3585

and I'm aaaaarrrggh, nice one

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Aphelion   United States. Apr 20 2008 15:10. Posts 267

  On April 20 2008 14:05 Subaru wrote:
How many coinlfips you win off me?

Like 3-4 XD. But I warned you beforehand I run sick hot in flips

DarkDevildog   United States. Apr 20 2008 15:30. Posts 1764

i suck :.... who'd i coinflip against, AK vs QQ?

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PplusAD   Germany. Apr 20 2008 15:31. Posts 7180

Gratz !

funny how a Nl25 player wins a tourney with so many good players in

U see what i did there with A8 ? He 4 bets and there we go insta jam A8 : ---booooom -- . hahahaha ( Krantz) 

bagnus   United States. Apr 20 2008 15:38. Posts 282

nice work


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