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March is over

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SKoT   United States. Mar 31 2008 17:17. Posts 1768
ran 11bb/100 this month overall @ 50nl 6max, 50nl HU, and 100nl 6max, but only played like 12k hands ugh

I still suck so much at playing a respectable amount of hands. Spring break chopped 9 days out of this month for me as far as playing, but beyond that I have no excuses other than that I'm basically always out from thurs-sat drinking, curing hangovers, and repeating.

I feel very confident in my ability now @ 50 and 100nl, and my bankroll is deep enough for 100nl comfortably despite my incessant cashouts for spending money. None of the regs I've seen @ 100nl are giving me many problems, really standard. 50nl regs are the same. I really want to be able to play 1k hands/day =/

Right now I only 4-6 table and I want to start 8-10 tabling as well. This could either be a huge month for me, or another small amount of hands disappointment. Its all up to me, and how badly I want it.

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Svenman87   United States. Mar 31 2008 17:21. Posts 4636

for everyday you don't play 1k hands... just ship me 2 dollars.



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