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philrocks123   Canada. Feb 07 2008 20:25. Posts 28
So I was thinking today and a simple question came to my mind. Who are bigger dorks.....hardcore LPer's...or hardcore WoW players?

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collegesucks   United States. Feb 07 2008 20:32. Posts 5780

wtf kind of question is that? hardcore WoW players of course...

and it only took me 6 mins 7mins to respond to this.

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ReSpOnSe   United States. Feb 07 2008 20:41. Posts 405

obviously WoW players they spend money, while LPers make money

lachlan   Australia. Feb 07 2008 21:00. Posts 6991

LPers easy

full ring 

NotSorry   United States. Feb 07 2008 21:06. Posts 2603

Alot of Lpers are wow players...

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men. 

devon06atX   Canada. Feb 07 2008 22:38. Posts 5457

--- Nuked ---

RS_II   United States. Feb 07 2008 22:55. Posts 748

i believe you are the bigger dork of them all thinking about the dorkier of the 2. I mean what kind of dork thinks about who is a bigger dork from 2 different dorks? u obviously mr.philrocks123, by the way what a dorky ass name too.. -_-;;

Just kidding =D

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