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3rd in the Daily Double on FTP

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lolgiraffe   United States. Aug 18 2007 00:50. Posts 305
Kinda happy, kinda sad at the same time. I've been working on my tournament game a lot lately and I really thought this may have been my first 1000+ person win, but not today.

I need to work on my FT game hugely.

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TheTrees   United States. Aug 18 2007 01:11. Posts 1592

be happy you at least finished in the money. I couldn't finish in the money if my life depended on it. Grats on the nice win.

Silver_nz   New Zealand. Aug 18 2007 01:13. Posts 5647


wobbly_au   Australia. Aug 18 2007 01:24. Posts 6540

gratz on huge win

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lolgiraffe   United States. Aug 18 2007 01:37. Posts 305



ggplz   Sweden. Aug 18 2007 02:15. Posts 16784

nh just sux to get fucked out of 1.3k more

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tloapc   Pitcairn. Aug 18 2007 05:00. Posts 2591

can't be to down to win 900x the buyin
btw, what is that "Currently Sharing" green thing in the top right of the ftp tourney lobby?

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XeliN   United Kingdom. Aug 18 2007 07:10. Posts 2365

nice josh, just phototshop the picture to say $1042 or something and your sorted!

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lolgiraffe   United States. Aug 18 2007 15:34. Posts 305

the currently sharing is just from live meeting. my friend frankie and i rail each other during sessions via live meeting all the time and i just happened to have this tournament up when i was playing a ton of cash games, 6 hours later ya.



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