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Moloch   United States. Jul 29 2007 21:05. Posts 6144

Well, as you might guess, this is a graph of my last 5 days – two 15+ buyin downswings, about 95% at 3/6. I’ve had isolated bad days before, but this qualifies as my second worst bad streak ever, and the worst one nearly broke me mentally. So, I figured I might as well do all I can for turning a bad thing into a positive mindset, so I’m going to convert this shitty streak into a good excuse for moving up to 5/10 and trying to take another shot at becoming a regular and maybe make some money if the planets are properly aligned. I’ll post some more shit later, but this blog is going to be completely about poker mostly for the sake of me keeping my head on straight, keeping focused, not getting unnecessarily depressed about this shit, and venting bad luck so that I can spare my friends and acquaintances. I’ll post graphs/PT shots whenever I feel like it and also li<x>nk to some hands that were interesting or worthy of discussion/justification.

I know it’s a pretty fagass thing to start a blog, but I’m running like shit and I want my mentality about poker to be confined to poker and not leak out into the rest of my life and depress me. Plus I never claimed not to be a fag so whatever. If I become comfortable again at what I’m doing, I’ll stop posting in this, but until then I’ll try to keep all of my poker-related frustrations in here so that nobody else is bothered and I can keep my emotional slate clean.


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Kapol   Poland. Jul 29 2007 21:10. Posts 4696

Good luck, buddy .

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TalentedTom    Canada. Jul 29 2007 21:14. Posts 20070

i wont swear at you for the next week or so ok?

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Fayth    Canada. Jul 29 2007 21:35. Posts 10085

u sure do play a lot, 27k hands in 5 days, u shud maybe try to do something else than poker, when you talk about playing focused, play shorter sessions? dunno bout ur discipline but oh well gl with that, 15 buy ins is not all that bad anyway, pretty standard

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Sheitan   Canada. Jul 29 2007 22:15. Posts 4217

That's what i was thinking, thought it was your stats for the whole month ... 27k hands in 5 days, wow. I'm curious on how many hands baller on lp play on average every day.

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InSideOut   Canada. Jul 30 2007 02:17. Posts 854

thats almost as many hands i've played this month lol

ConquistadoR   Germany. Jul 30 2007 08:34. Posts 1952

gl to you =)

yes, 27k hands in 5 days is awesome



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