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fishsticks   United States. May 09 2007 03:59. Posts 14
What a terrible couple days of poker. I just can't get a hand to hold up ever it feels. Poker is such a tricky mistress.

Lost a big pot in live play tonight. I got 400 all in on the flop with top set of tens against an obvious overpair - and of course he spiked the 2 outer and took all my money. It's funny, people there think I'm like, the most laid back guy ever because I don't throw a tantrum about getting 2outer'd for a big stack (in a 1/2 game 400 is obv deepish). I also told the guy on my right I saw his hole cards one hand, and everyone is amazed at my honesty lol. In the poker world, being like, reasonable, makes you some sort of super stand-up guy apparently hehe.

Anyways, I had to grind until 5:30 in the freaking morning at that game to get back, and still ended up leaving slightly down.

At 4:30, this guy started going all in blind for his whole stack every single hand. I'm salivating, and totally ready to call his 150 blind bet with any pair, any ace, any king - and getting pissed that in the course of 7 hands he did this the best I got was 9 high. Also, I was SHOCKED to see people folding ACES like it was there job! The guy was ALL IN BLIND FFS!! One guy folded ATo faceup to the blind push because he "didn't want to risk it". Wow. Next hand a dude put A3s in the much. KJ. A4o. Unbelievable.

Online has been the same shit btw, just running so poorly. Oh wells - that's poker.

Moral of the story is I've made no money this week, but it's also comforting in some weird way to know when things are going like shit I'm still managing to break even.

Gotta get some good sleep in and a good online grind tomorrow afternoon and evening and hopefully get this week off the ground.

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DustySwedeDude   Sweden. May 09 2007 06:28. Posts 8623

Heh. The moon is a harsh mistress and stuff but poker is more of a bitch. However, gotta love her anyway

lucifer   Sweden. May 09 2007 09:18. Posts 5955

well not everyone his happy with 50/50 - 70/30 for their whole stack when it's all they brought to the casino.

it's not like everyone is pro and plays for +ev.

On February 19 2009 22:21 Confedrate wrote: i dont get it 


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