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March review

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fanta[Rn]   Austria. Mar 30 2007 18:48. Posts 100
Good news everyone, I'm starting to update this blog again. And I'm going to end my pokermonth with this post.
First of all, I didn't play nearly as many hands as I wanted to . A delayed month start and a week pause due to a massive 11 BI swing made me end up with around 63,000 hands.

Here're the stats, I've been really nitty especially since this is 6max. The thing is that this style works well for me on this stake so I'm going to keep that up. My winningrate is not impressive but then again I'm very satisfied with it as I improved alot compared to my previous NLHE attempts.

I really enjoy playing poker, I think improving in this game gives me alot of joy and I certainly am improving. Every new day I learn something new, I discuss hands and think alot about what I could've done better or what I played perfect.

Now here's the graph, nothing much to say.

Other than that, I had a great idea this afternoon when I got out of uni - why not getting a second monitor? So I went home and checked the internet for a real good price/performance package and I've come up with the BenQ FP93GS. It was 200€.

I have to say I think the monitor is okay, it's not compareable to my Eizo S1910K in matter of picture quality and all that - but then again the Eizo was almost tripple the BenQ's prize.

All in all, pretty good day and a nice month.

So long

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DustySwedeDude   Sweden. Mar 31 2007 03:02. Posts 8623

That's pretty nice. How many tables do you play?

fanta[Rn]   Austria. Mar 31 2007 04:26. Posts 100

from 4 to 12, mostly 12


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