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help tracking down a friend

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HungarianGOD   . May 25 2017 06:20. Posts 459
Hey guys, I am trying to get a hold of a friend. Somewhat concerned something happened to him, probably it is nothing and I'm just being paranoid. His handle on pokerstars is Fakeorreal, he usually plays PLO on Pokerstars a few times a week at night (by Eastern Standard Time), usually on $2/$5 tables but could be anywhere in the range of $1/2- $10/$20. I was just curious if anybody has seen him playing online since May 19th. If you see him, please just shoot me a quick PM. I appreciate your help in advance.

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HungarianGOD   . May 31 2017 06:21. Posts 459

He has surfaced. Maybe not in greatest shape but still certainly still alive.

Liquid`Drone   Norway. Jun 01 2017 14:44. Posts 3093


lol POKER 

devon06atX   Canada. Jun 03 2017 22:10. Posts 5458


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