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New bitcoin buy/sell site

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YoMeR   United States. Jan 04 2017 20:10. Posts 12431
Hey, what's everyone go to place to buy/sell bitcoin? Circle will no longer allow me to buy/sell bit coin with them anymore. Quite annoying.

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eZ Life. 

traxamillion   United States. Jan 04 2017 22:01. Posts 10468

Did they catch you cashing out from bovada (or any site)? That is what im worried about so i been paying for a tumble before moving btc to circle.

Been wondering if im being paranoid or not

traxamillion   United States. Jan 04 2017 22:03. Posts 10468

Smuft showed me a good site

lucky331   . Jan 04 2017 22:35. Posts 1124

there's but be careful, the irs wants to start snooping in all its user's info.

cariadon   Estonia. Jan 04 2017 22:41. Posts 4014

bitcoin at all time high, time to buy

NewbSaibot   United States. Jan 05 2017 02:35. Posts 4884

sold mine at $975 a few days ago I use coinbase but yeah, they are best buds with the IRS, they want to be established as a full blown legitimate bank. I signed up for Kraken, havent tried them yet, havent heard whether they are tight with gov'ts or not.

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YoMeR   United States. Jan 05 2017 03:00. Posts 12431

Yea i looked at coinbase. They explicitly close and take funds of accounts linked to online gambling.

I do something like poker > wallet > circle > bank. But circle recently disabled my account to buy/sell bitcoin. I'm assuming coin base will do the same? I don't want money stuck in limbo for some other bullshit reason again.

I'll look into kraken and localbitcoins.

Any other suggestions/advice appreciated.

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4TM   United States. Jan 05 2017 03:52. Posts 712

Circle just doesn't deal in BTC anymore, it wasn't specific to you.

Coinbase fees are higher and you want to move it through another non-US wallet before depositing on a site. I am sure there is still risk doing this but best work around i know of atm.

edit: also this

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YoMeR   United States. Jan 05 2017 04:39. Posts 12431


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Defrag   Poland. Jan 05 2017 12:31. Posts 4818

As far as I know Neteller accepts deposits on bitcoins, might be a good way to sell them tbh.

GoTuNk   Chile. Jan 07 2017 14:30. Posts 2860

I still remember when genjix offered them at 1 USD a piece and everyone mocked him

lucky331   . Jan 07 2017 18:28. Posts 1124

  On January 07 2017 13:30 GoTuNk wrote:
I still remember when genjix offered them at 1 USD a piece and everyone mocked him

rofl. yeah and everyone said he was scamming lp'ers because he owned lots of bitcoins.

ThuNDeR   Bulgaria. Jan 10 2017 16:59. Posts 371

Try . Very good rates , they don't charge exchange fee (Coinbase-like sites charge 1.5%+) , you can cashout without any verification as long as it is to bank account on your name, transfers between lykke members are free. Been using it for a month and I can not say anything negative.The support is superfast too.

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