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Internet Videoz Broz

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2c0ntent   Egypt. Nov 22 2013 19:50. Posts 1387

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patmcgroin   Afghanistan. Nov 22 2013 23:49. Posts 830


patmcgroin   Afghanistan. Nov 22 2013 23:49. Posts 830


PuertoRican   United States. Nov 23 2013 02:00. Posts 13016

Remove the letter "S" from https://

Rekrul is a newb 

2c0ntent   Egypt. Nov 23 2013 05:24. Posts 1387



julep   Australia. Nov 23 2013 07:06. Posts 1274


Silver_nz   New Zealand. Nov 23 2013 07:23. Posts 5647

haha intense.
stay young T (y)

Loco   Canada. Nov 24 2013 01:43. Posts 20963

I hope this isn't a "get rich quick" plan for you. It looks like you're trying very hard to get something going. If that is the case, you'll be massively disappointed when you realize how silly of an illusion it was. Hopefully it's not and you're just bored and doing this for fun. It's weird to see a guy with 1 subscriber talk to an audience though, I have to admit.

fuck I should just sell some of my Pokemon cards, if no one stakes that is what I will have to do - lostaccount 

k4ir0s   Canada. Nov 24 2013 04:09. Posts 3476

just what I was thinking. I remember you trying to get a D3 website going, and some other stuff.

this seems like a waste of time, unless you're doing it for your own enjoyment. Which is unlikely, considering you stream on twitch every day?. Youtube stars make good money, but they're the 0.001%...

I dont know what a dt drop is. Is it a wrestling move? -OlyLast edit: 24/11/2013 04:11

2c0ntent   Egypt. Nov 25 2013 17:03. Posts 1387


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