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Game of Thrones Beer!!!

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thumbz555   United States. Dec 19 2012 19:26. Posts 3281
So excited right now. Besides the obvious beer inspired by an awesome series, it's Ommegang brewery! For those of you that enjoy microbrews and haven't tried it, it's time to hit up your nearest BevMo... Unfortunately they're about $16/22oz...

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Daut    United States. Dec 19 2012 20:51. Posts 8955

they should have made wine instead

NewbSaibot: 18 TIMES THE SPEED OF LIGHT. Because FUCK YOU, Daut 

Arirang   Canada. Dec 19 2012 21:55. Posts 1673

Dornish wine, I'd like some.

Rapoza   Brasil. Dec 20 2012 01:06. Posts 1612

--- Nuked ---

Pouncer Style 4 the win 

PuertoRican   United States. Dec 20 2012 01:29. Posts 13059

Drink enough of this stuff and you'll end up looking like Robert Baratheon.

Rekrul is a newb 


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