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Life, Cover Music Video

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tutz   Brasil. Jun 20 2012 21:20. Posts 2128
Hey LP,
I decided to make a better blog from now on. I will post positive things, thoughtful experiences, good info, etc. I don't have anything prepared for today, but I will try to improvise.

Very often we see people on the internet (LP included) that seems to seek only to put others down, critic negatively and make fun of others. We see it everywhere: youtube, 2p2, facebook and even 9gag. I have to admit, I was like that once and sometimes I still have to control myself to not be like that again. I have to actualy take a deep breath, think again: how can I turn this into a positive experience? How can I help improve this persons life? why do they have this point of view? Usually a mix of those go through my mind whenever I'm having a mindful interaction with anyone.

This change in perspective wasnt something out of nowhere. It came in a moment where I was a bit lost in several aspects of my life. I had just ended a complicated relationship, my parents wanted me to move back to my hometown(I didnt), I wasn't doing very well in poker (and poker is a big thing for me) and my daily job wasnt something I could see myself doing for life. I needed a change, but I wanted to change everything, I had just started modeling but it wasnt something I had on focus at the moment.

I started reading Logosophy and got into it for quite some time. Logosophy basically teaches the ultimate goal should be the mindful evolution of man. I had to drop Logosophy at one point cause there is a point that Logosophy starts to treat more spiritual stuff, and as and Atheist I couldnt accept any of that without further evidence that what I was reading was real. But the main thing got stuck with me: I wanted to be an amazing human being. I want to be a great son, brother, friend. I want to be wise, to understand everything around me. Yeah I know some of you are probably laughing at me thinking: "lol and you believe in the reptilians". Well I do, I have my reasons but lets not touch in that subject anymore. I said what I had to say about it.

This single decision: to become an amazing human being changed everything. I feel like I have total control of my destiny, like I'm the owner of everything around me. It is an amazing feeling. Before this I would look life in a way that I always had a certain goal that I wanted to achieve, and after that single goal I would be a very happy person. Now I feel like I'm achieving amazing things everyday, I learned to enjoy the journey.

This is a cover Music Video that me and my friends made. It is pretty cool, take a look.

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RaiNKhAN    United States. Jun 20 2012 23:04. Posts 4080


The biggest Rockets, Sixers, and Grizzlies fan you will ever meet! 

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jun 21 2012 01:16. Posts 8646

on a scale of 1-10 how accurately would you say Zoolander portrays the life of a male model?

Truck-Crash Life 

julep   Australia. Jun 21 2012 02:10. Posts 1274

god i love that song

tutz   Brasil. Jun 21 2012 05:19. Posts 2128

  On June 21 2012 00:16 bigredhoss wrote:
on a scale of 1-10 how accurately would you say Zoolander portrays the life of a male model?

lol 5

D_Zoo   Canada. Jun 21 2012 10:16. Posts 4013

haha nice video

You aint a poet ur just a drunk with a pen 

Syntax   United States. Jun 21 2012 15:15. Posts 4412

awesome ^^

wut wut wut 

2c0ntent   Egypt. Jun 26 2012 07:56. Posts 1387

  On June 21 2012 09:16 D_Zoo wrote:
haha nice video



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