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Access to FTP through Carbon Poker?

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exalted   United States. Jun 01 2012 07:51. Posts 2918
I have NOT tried this yet, but those with balances on FTP; please try and report!

This was posted on a TL thread:

  On June 01 2012 02:17 liberal wrote:
Sorry if this is not thread worthy, but I know there's a lot of poker players on TL and I thought they would want to hear this since those of us at full tilt lost our money. had our money frozen in accounts we couldn't access.

Today LockPoker switched out of the Merge Gaming network and into Cake. My old account on Lock/Merge was apparently deleted. I loaded up Carbon poker to see if I could log in to my Lock account under that skin.

I entered my old email address, which incidentally is the same address I used when I created my old full tilt account. I entered the password, and it logged me right into my full tilt account. I checked cashier, and the funds from my old full tilt account were in it.

Check the name under PTR, this account name has only been used at Full Tilt.


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exalted from teamliquid :oLast edit: 01/06/2012 07:56

NewbSaibot   United States. Jun 01 2012 07:53. Posts 4944

So Carbon bought FTP. Interesting.

bye now 

player999   Brasil. Jun 01 2012 08:36. Posts 7978

or maybe that's fake and they want you to put your FTP SN+pass so they can access your FTP account when/if it comes back

Browsing through your hand histories makes me wonder that you might not be aware these games are possibly play money. Have you ever tried to cash out? - Kapol 

dnagardi   Hungary. Jun 01 2012 09:07. Posts 1776

this sounds absolute nuts
log in at carbon poker into ftp acc?

basementkid   . Jun 01 2012 09:09. Posts 191

yeah that would be like logging into irs website and being able to print your own money or something silly like that hahaha

hellokittery   United States. Jun 01 2012 11:25. Posts 1399

lol okay...

KrappyKonnect   Canada. Jun 01 2012 22:50. Posts 1127

nice hustle sir

anheway   . Jun 02 2012 12:38. Posts 338

the f... ?


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