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u kidding me merge
  superfashion, Feb 27 2012


Submitted by : superfashion

MERGE_GAME #4997994900444: Texas Holdem NL $0.10/$0.25 02/26/2012 15:58:24
Table Tijuana 49979949
Seat 1: cowboykipa28 $31.55 in chips
Seat 2: Hero $43.19 in chips
Seat 3: narizona $7.50 in chips
Seat 4: hobbypak $26.21 in chips
Seat 5: Manks6373 $9.53 in chips
Seat 6: PokerAKAK $5.67 in chips DEALER
cowboykipa28: Post SB $0.10
Hero: Post BB $0.25

Dealt to HeroAcKs
narizona: Fold
hobbypak: Raise $0.70
Manks6373: Call $0.70
PokerAKAK: Call $0.70
cowboykipa28: Fold
Hero: Raise $3.20
hobbypak: Call $2.50
Manks6373: Call $2.50
PokerAKAK: Fold

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $10.40)

Hero: Bet $5.00
hobbypak: Call $5.00
Manks6373: Fold

Turn (Pot : $20.40)

Hero: Bet $7.00
hobbypak: Allin $18.01
Hero: Call $11.01

River (Pot : $56.42)


hobbypak: Shows7h7d
hobbypak: wins $53.60

Submitted by : superfashion

MERGE_GAME #5004702100949: Texas Holdem NL $0.10/$0.25 02/27/2012 17:50:35
Table Tijuana 50047021
Seat 1: Hero $41.18 in chips
Seat 2: Killmotor $44.80 in chips
Seat 3: SOBETed $26.00 in chips
Seat 4: awwwin99 $39.81 in chips
Seat 5: RM3SSBUBBLEHD $37.77 in chips
Seat 6: VegetablesAreYummy $29.55 in chips DEALER
Hero: Post SB $0.10
Killmotor: Post BB $0.25

Dealt to Hero7h7s
SOBETed: Fold
awwwin99: Fold
RM3SSBUBBLEHD: Raise $0.85
VegetablesAreYummy: Fold
Hero: Call $0.75
Killmotor: Fold

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $1.95)

Hero: Check
Hero: Raise $4.17
RM3SSBUBBLEHD: Raise $11.03
Hero: Allin $36.16
RM3SSBUBBLEHD: Allin $25.89

Turn (Pot : $53.31)


River (Pot : $53.31)


RM3sSBUBBLEHD: Shows4s4c
Hero: wins $3.41
RM3SSBUBBLEHD: wins $72.79

Submitted by : superfashion

MERGE_GAME #5002112502011: Texas Holdem NL $0.10/$0.25 02/27/2012 17:13:26
Table Tijuana 50021125
Seat 1: mjsflash7 $30.86 in chips
Seat 2: dombi11 $19.68 in chips
Seat 3: Flyrsfn $23.43 in chips
Seat 4: VegetablesAreYummy $30.68 in chips
Seat 5: ksheda $30.68 in chips
Seat 6: Hero $25.00 in chips DEALER
mjsflash7: Post SB $0.10
dombi11: Post BB $0.25

Dealt to HeroKhAd
Flyrsfn: Raise $0.50
VegetablesAreYummy: Fold
ksheda: Fold
Hero: Raise $2.50
mjsflash7: Fold
dombi11: Fold
Flyrsfn: Call $2.00

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $5.35)

Flyrsfn: Check
Hero: Bet $3.06
Flyrsfn: Allin $20.93
Hero: Call $17.87

Turn (Pot : $47.21)


River (Pot : $47.21)


Flyrsfn: Shows4h4c
Flyrsfn: wins $44.85

Submitted by : superfashion

MERGE_GAME #5005651100390: Texas Holdem NL $0.10/$0.25 02/27/2012 17:33:14
Table Tijuana 50056511
Seat 1: Mpilalao $25.00 in chips
Seat 2: VegetablesAreYummy $45.99 in chips DEALER
Seat 3: winningflipsince76 $35.12 in chips
Seat 4: willage $25.60 in chips
Seat 5: Hero $25.00 in chips
Seat 6: dombi11 $13.19 in chips
winningflipsince76: Post SB $0.10
willage: Post BB $0.25

Dealt to HeroKsKc
Hero: Raise $0.75
dombi11: Fold
Mpilalao: Fold
VegetablesAreYummy: Raise $2.25
winningflipsince76: Fold
willage: Fold
Hero: Raise $5.50
VegetablesAreYummy: Allin $43.74
Hero: Allin $19.50

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $51.84)


Turn (Pot : $51.84)


River (Pot : $51.84)


VegetablesAreYummy: ShowsQcQd
VegetablesAreYummy: wins $20.99
VegetablesAreYummy: wins $47.84

Submitted by : superfashion

MERGE_GAME #5003721800444: Texas Holdem NL $0.10/$0.25 02/27/2012 10:25:34
Table Tijuana 50037218
Seat 1: Hero $32.21 in chips DEALER
Seat 2: omahoff $28.91 in chips
Seat 3: IBpokin $18.09 in chips
Seat 4: SCROODGE $27.37 in chips
Seat 5: KDTBurger $27.02 in chips
Seat 6: CanUsayNit $25.60 in chips
omahoff: Post SB $0.10
IBpokin: Post BB $0.25

Dealt to HeroTcJc
KDTBurger: Fold
CanUsayNit: Fold
Hero: Raise $0.75
omahoff: Raise $2.25
IBpokin: Fold
Hero: Call $1.50

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $4.75)

omahoff: Bet $2.75
Hero: Raise $7.25
omahoff: Raise $14.50
Hero: Allin $22.71
omahoff: Allin $12.16

Turn (Pot : $49.21)


River (Pot : $49.21)


omahoff: ShowsAcAs
Hero: wins $3.30
omahoff: wins $55.17

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through the variance
  superfashion, Feb 16 2012

breakeven session never felt so good

7 hour session 7,369 hands

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through the variance
  superfashion, Feb 16 2012

edit: this posted twice for some reason -.-

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zzz rebuilding roll
  superfashion, Feb 15 2012

4nl/10nl graph for past 2 weeks all at merge. traxamillion makes me sad because he never says hi back to me on the tables T_t;;;

lifetime graph on merge, no higher than 50nl (which i played about 100 hands of and lost 2bi on coolers)

sweet ev line imo

i also have about $150 in points that i'm waiting to hit next VIP level to cash in so that'll be a nice bonus

thx for reading gl at the tables lp~

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Railing Stars games from USA?
  superfashion, Feb 01 2012

Is it possible? I can't seem to reinstall the software. I know I can't play obv but it would be nice to rail Isildur again

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sick game
  superfashion, Nov 16 2011

it's incredible how running 11bi below ev in under 2k hands can smash weeks' worth of grinding. this game disgusts me

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Carbon and Connection Problems?
  superfashion, Oct 31 2011

Seems in the past few days my internet decides to shit its pants after a half hour or so with Carbon open, and reconnects as soon as I open it...has anyone else experienced this? Any idea what it could be?

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Microstakes Revelations
  superfashion, Oct 22 2011

After getting back into the online scene (thx Carbon lol), I've done a lot of work on my game. I have a good friend who has played professionally across multiple sites as high as 10/20 (as far as I know) who has sort of become my "mentor," and it's made me look at the game a lot differently.

If you're a struggling microstakes player, I might have some useful advice.

In regards to "range"...stop thinking poker stove wise, and use your head. Observe your opponents and see how you can use both your image and your position to open a wider range of hands. Force yourself into strange postflop decisions because of opening marginal hands; this will force you all around to have a better game sense.

Related, forget about the money. Nothing you can lose at microstakes is anything that you can't make back working at McDonald's for a few weeks, so the money factor shouldn't bother you at all. Try bluffs in spots you wouldn't normally. If you get snapped off, then you know you probably shouldn't have bluffed there and you can make note for next time.

Range in regards to you want to play XX hand on the button, but it's not normally in your "range." So...3bet it! Fuck it, why not right? This gives you the betting lead in position on someone you probably can out-think or out-play, which is never, ever a bad thing.

On the whole, I guess what I'm trying to say is to stop playing ABC once you understand how to play ABC. Of course there are times when you're going to have to show down top set, but you can't rely on coolering people to make all your profits. Force yourself to understand the game better. In no way am I saying that I'm "good" compared to a lot of people who play, but I wanted to share some things I feel I've learned recently with those who are in the same position I was 8 months ago.

Not a huge sample, but this is my results graph since moving to Merge so I'm not COMPLETELY talking out of my ass (note the sick 10bi swing where I ran 7bi below EV D.

Few hands that would not have happened if I was playing the same way I was playing 8 months ago:

Submitted by : superfashion

MERGE_GAME #4218872900408: Texas Holdem NL $0.10/$0.25 10/19/2011 23:12:22
Table Tijuana 42188729
Seat 1: newbling $25.00 in chips
Seat 2: duncan107 $83.45 in chips
Seat 3: Ughtoiletclog $25.00 in chips
Seat 4: SubZeroWINS $49.46 in chips DEALER
Seat 5: Hero $42.83 in chips
Seat 6: masterhopkins $21.29 in chips
Hero: Post SB $0.10
masterhopkins: Post BB $0.25

Dealt to Hero4hKh
newbling: Fold
duncan107: Fold
Ughtoiletclog: Fold
SubZeroWINS: Fold
Hero: Raise $0.75
masterhopkins: Call $0.50

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $1.50)

Hero: Bet $1.00
masterhopkins: Raise $2.75
Hero: Call $1.75

Turn (Pot : $7.00)

Hero: Check
masterhopkins: Bet $5.00
Hero: Call $5.00

River (Pot : $17.00)

Hero: Check
masterhopkins: Allin $12.79
Hero: Call $12.79

masterhopkins: Shows5cAc
Hero: wins $40.46

Submitted by : superfashion

MERGE_GAME #4219786100362: Texas Holdem NL $0.10/$0.25 10/20/2011 00:29:33
Table Tijuana 42197861
Seat 3: thx4cheeseburger $32.81 in chips
Seat 4: Hero $35.98 in chips
Seat 5: Wysses $50.92 in chips DEALER
thx4cheeseburger: Post SB $0.10
Hero: Post BB $0.25

Dealt to HeroQd8d
Wysses: Fold
thx4cheeseburger: Raise $0.75
Hero: Raise $2.75
thx4cheeseburger: Raise $5.50
Hero: Call $2.75

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $11.00)

thx4cheeseburger: Bet $4.25
Hero: Call $4.25

Turn (Pot : $19.50)

thx4cheeseburger: Check
Hero: Bet $11.00
thx4cheeseburger: Call $11.00

River (Pot : $41.50)

thx4cheeseburger: Check
Hero: Allin $15.23
thx4cheeseburger: Fold

Hero: wins $55.73

Obviously there were some wacky dynamics going on that led to these hands, but that's exactly what I'm trying to talk about. If I snapped off the K4 and he showed me 77 on the river...Oh well, maybe I'm an idiot. What if I get snapped off by jacks in the Q8 hand considering he was getting almost 4:1 on his money? In that case, I metagamed the shit out of myself and consider making the same play deeper, or folding to the 4bet preflop. Don't give up the chance to analyze your options in weird hands like this, and don't pat yourself on the back for your line being the best thing possible just because you won the hand. Keep thinking!

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September + Life
  superfashion, Sep 22 2011

First, got my LP store stuff. Blue hoodie, black long sleeve, and black dress shirt :D will update with pics later.

Haven't posted here much since Black Friday, but started playing live 1/2 and 1/3 at casinos by my house. Got about $500 off Stars plus a job over summer and I've played maybe 20 hours of live a week since July, which has been great. Up probably 3.5-4k, and my job is ending (seasonal) in a few weeks so I'll be a donk live grinder for a while. Had one week where I lost 1200 over 2 sessions and that was probably the most humbling experience I've had in a long time, but all in all life is good and I hope everyone else is doing well as Summer comes to a close.


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starcraft 2
  superfashion, Apr 25 2011

looking for diamond/masters T/P/Z practice partners. i'm currently a masters level zerg but want to find practice partners to help me grind games as the other two races without worrying about dropping games on ladder. pm or post here thx~

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