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  SIG1, Mar 30 2016

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hearthstone brag
  SIG1, Jul 20 2014

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boring stuff
  SIG1, Jun 16 2014


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ez $1k
  SIG1, Mar 17 2014

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Long fucking life update. Wont delete
  SIG1, Dec 17 2013

So I posted an update a couple weeks back but ended up deleting it thinking LP was completely dead. I just didnt want a bit of my life story lingering on the interwebz. Apparently, a lot of you guys are still around and quite interested in my story. So here I go again.

Like most of you, I was absolutely devastated from BF, foolishly thinking I'm making a sick return leaving all my money on Absolute Poker's 10% interest bearing account. I was making around 4-6k a month grinding literally ALL the turbo sngs(6max,HU,FR)on Absolute, and I was also spending like I had an income of 4-6k. Then boom, 20k evaporated and I'm down to $800 in my bank account. Being hopeful like everyone else, I thought I'd get at least 50% within a couple months. I mean a huge company like FT or AP cant just run away with that kind of money and get away with it right? Wrong...

So, with that $800, I went straight to the Borgata and decided to play a circuit event and a Borgata event, which was pretty much my entire roll. I bust half of that on the circuit. Then I find myself MTT4ROLLZ in a Borgata event. I ended up getting 8th for $8.4k. Damn this is ez money I thought.

Couple days later, I decided to try out Parx's new tourney series and tried my luck at a $330 tourney which brought in almost 600 people. Boom I get 2nd for $20k. Now, this win has caused more harm than good in the long run. At this point, I'm delusional to the point where I will take on Ivey in a heads up match. I felt like a poker god and I decided im going to become a MTT grinder. I mean, ez fucking money right? Back to back final table, what a joke.

Oh how fucking wrong I was. Live MTT is probably the most brutal form of poker known to existence, and only the real live MTT grinders understand what I mean. Honestly, I still don't know what it means to be a true grinder because I only grinded for about 2 years but I have no intention to find out what it's really like grinding tourneys for the rest of your life. The swings are just comical and you truly find out if you're a winning player, maybe after 1k tourneys? Which probably would take a life time for me.

Well, rather than bitching for the next hour about the swings of live tourneys, lets just say I had the most BRUTAL swings testing my luck in events like WPT and other big series, and shit did not go my way. I was completely broke and owed a ton of money to my cousin, who also grinded poker with me but has wisely given up as well. I was depressed, and smoking weed to the point where my brain was incapacitated. It was my escape from the truth. And it also passed time. I would beg my parents for a $100 a week, which went straight to weed. And I even stole food from various super market so I can use that money for weed. I'm completely fucking ashamed of doing this but those were desperate times.

While all this was going on, I decided to look for jobs. Anything. Tutoring, banking, insurance, so I can grind 1/2 at least. But no one wanted me. I was either severely overqualified or underqualfied. I graduated from a top school in USA, Carnegie Mellon, with a BS in Economics and Statistics, but none of the big companies wanted me with no experience. Nor did restaurants or entry level jobs as I was too qualified. Things couldn't have been worse.

After almost 100 applications, 20 phone interviews, 3 final interviews, I finally landed a job. Probably the best job I can ask for. A successful UK company that specializes in online gambling who also has big plans for launching online poker in the US, starting with NJ, and they thought I was a great fit considering the fact that I was a poker "pro" with a mathematical background. I trained in London, had the best days of my life there, and now working in NJ. The newfound security of knowing that there is almost no way of going broke next week, and being rewarded for doing a good job for once, was eye awakening. Being trapped in the poker world has been preventing what I could truly be doing with my life, and I am now so fucking thankful my company has pulled me out of the hell I've been stuck in for so long.

Now, why the fuck am I making poker look awful and bragging about my new job? Well, it's because I want to help some of you guys who have no idea wtf theyre doing with their life. Maybe you are destined for greatness, but like me, maybe you're not. And you g2 know when to throw in the towel when poker has defeated you. Poker should be a means of enjoyment, not your life revolving around it. When coinflips are constantly changing your life, you're probably living life wrong. So, if poker has been making you depressed, you should highly consider trying other options. Start small. Maybe start a hobby. Not you having to depend on a game with endless variance. You may not land the dream job of yours or launch a super successful business, but you might be heading towards the right step. Where as in poker, in MOST cases, is the wrong way to go, IMO.

With my life being pretty stable at this point, I've been casually playing poker and never had so much fun playing poker. Ever. Knowing that losing this buy in will have little to no effect on me felt good. And that's how you g2 approach poker. Online poker is also back in NJ so maybe i'll start posting graphs again like the good old days. I did grind a session of 1/2 and made a buyin.

Props to the people who are still in the grind. Some of you guys like whoosel and players999 were my fucking idols when I was an aspiring poker player. You guys have allowed me to become successful enough to understand how hard being a poker player is. And I just dont have it in me like you pros. I truly envy you winners.

Well, if you like these life posts, I'll throw in a couple updates here and there as I'm finally out of my depression shell =D

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life update to the 6 LPers that are still here
  SIG1, Dec 04 2013

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leaving this shit country
  SIG1, Apr 21 2012

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another final table
  SIG1, Aug 11 2011

lost the heads up with 3:1 chiplead.... i fail

2nd for 20k~

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live mtts so far
  SIG1, Jul 25 2011

i played my first mtt 2 months ago and played about 15 since then. Finally made my first final table a week ago and finished in 8th for about 8.3k($350+50 w rebuys with 906 entries). I think I'll try out foxwoods mega stack tourney series which is in about 2 weeks. peace and ill update again if i make it deep in another live tourney.

...and got 16k stuck in ap GG

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  SIG1, Jun 02 2011

any recommendations aside from flux?

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