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problem while playing...
  Night[Mare], Oct 10 2008

i am never getting paid big hands ffs...

even though i play kinda laggy (40/32), im only winning from blinds/cbets and losing big pots to bloody coolers. I have no idea how to post from titanpoker but this one hand i had trip queens and the other person goes all in, shows 4-5 offsuit and scores a straight;;

today everytime i raise a fish goes all in vs me. i folded like 3 times but this time i got AQ suited, only to find he had QQ. won one time. 3 hands later i get QQ and he re-raises me to all in again, i pay and he has AA. Another cooler w/e

i just hope to run good for the next few days as i won in two days 22$ and the next three days im about to lose up to 15$. bah swings... i hate how people in microstakes call with random stuff and score hands. Lucky basterds i just hope my bankroll can withstand such things.

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amazing day today
  Night[Mare], Oct 06 2008

i guess im on a good swing. Sunday i played a NL 10 table and won 15$. I guess you could say i can play now NL 2 the right way huh?. I hope to reach 80$ so i can move to NL 4

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money transfer
  Night[Mare], Oct 05 2008

So i guess strato is right, im making too much fuss to get the bloody +50$ on PS, so i will move my money to ps now. i have 51$ on FTP and 40$ on Titanpoker. Im wondering if anyone here has an acct on titanpoker so i can transfer the money to you and then you'll give it back on PS.

The FTP money i'll probably handle it with strato but i dont know if anyone here has titanpoker. Any person interested post here!


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money transfer
  Night[Mare], Sep 28 2008

hi, i was wondering if anyone would help me transfer some money. I can give you $3.8 in pokerstars and in return you give me $3.8 in full tilt poker. I need this because the minimum withdrawal in FTP is 50$ and im 3.8$ short and i dont want to play anymore there.


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cashed for first time in tournament
  Night[Mare], Sep 21 2008

Ah this is the first time i cash. Tourney was 30 people $1 + .20. Ended in 2nd place being the largest stack on the HU, i had a couple of bad luck rivers and then finally lost JT vs AQ .


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help me transfering money from FTP
  Night[Mare], Sep 15 2008

Hi folks. I finally achived the 1000 ftpp to manage my 100$ free bonus. Unfortunately the last day when i was 80 ftpps shorti hit a terrible losing streak and went from 150$ to 30$. I managed to recover 16$ at the very end, but i decided not to play anymore because the rake is so bloody insane at NL10 (the lowest limits). So im stuck with 46.20$.

I cant tranfer the funds to neteller because the minimum is 50$. I thought i could transfer the money to another player and then transfer it back to pokerstars, but that way i couldnt take advantage of the +50 bonus you get on the deposit.

I was wondering if someone could help me get my funds on neteller so i could deposit them further into pokerstars. It comes to mind that you could lent me 3.8$ on ftp or maybe deposit 46.20$ directly in my neteller acct and then i tranfer you on ftp the ammount or w/e.

any help is appreciated

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Poker swings
  Night[Mare], Sep 06 2008

Good lord i hate days like this. I've lost 6 buyins in NL 10 so far, part of them to terrible luck and part of them to bad plays. I hate how it took me like the whole week to go up to 150$ and today i lose 60$ in a couple of hours.

Well, i guess that's how one learns :. I just hope not to bust out ( 9 buyins left, 100 ftp more to cash the money from ftp )

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Biggest win streak/lose streak?
  Night[Mare], Aug 27 2008

Im a little newb at creating blogs here, so dont be harsh on me

So, what's your biggest winning streak or losing streak? Right now im on a terrible losing streak losing up to $35 in NL 10 since saturday. I just havent been able to win anything, despite the odds. I guess it's also due to not playing enough hands. So i've laid poker down until weekend. Playing 1-1:30 hrs is not enough.

Just before that i had won up to $50. I think one day i won 2.5 buyins just to lose them in the next two days. What's your experience with this stuff?

edit: btw how do you put up those graphs i see? do i need pkt 3?

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