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lets talk about... poker
  dryath, Mar 19 2013

Hey guys,

So i guess ive either fallen out of touch with some poker players along the way, or else they have moved on from poker (guys like nolan and rockman). I'm sure i used to have more poker people on msn too but i dunno what happened, because i sure dont have many now. Probably due to me not really playing much poker in 2011,2012 after failing miserably to learn PLO (hah). So anyway been playing alot more poker lately (NL obviously), was putting in most of my hands at 200 zoom, but lately have been down at 100 alot, and so obviously id love to have more poker guys on my skype to chat. This was by far the best thing for my game back in the days when i was doing well (in 2010 when i made SNE and playing 200-600nl mostly). I clearly now suck hard from not playing and am rusty as shit, but id love to get back into it and fix my game up again. So if anyone who plays 100nl up wants to add me on skype to talk poker, or just to berate me about being an aussie, wrestling crocs and riding kangaroos (nolan & gawdawaful) then send me a PM and ill give you my details.

Tonights thread saver comes courtesy of my girlfriend watching a rerun episode of the OC a few days ago, hah
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aussie millions
  dryath, Jan 08 2013

Hey guys,

Coming down to melb (for a wedding) and will be there from 17th til 20th. Anyone gonna be down that way already for aussie mil? any LP catchups @ crown or something if so? haha

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selecting hands in pt4 for review
  dryath, Jan 03 2013

Hey guys,

I'm sure this is very simple, since i used to be able to do it in HEM quite easily by simply highlighting hands and copying to clipboard or something, then pasting in LP hand converter to get a long list of hands to look over etc. But - does anyone know how to do the equivalent of this in pt4? - i can't seem to be able to figure it out

(i know i can review them in the pt4 hand replayer, but for some reason doing that tilts the shit out of me and feels really slow). Also know i can copy each hand history from pt4 individually, but that is reallyyyyyy slow)

thanks guys

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Poker & Resume
  dryath, Aug 02 2012

Hey guys,

So quick update on my last blog (about caffeine dependence). So I couldn't actually find anything solid about how long i would need to give up caffeine to get over it properly, but I think i decided that 2 weeks was what I would do. So I gave up for 2 weeks just after that blog post sometime (which was midsemester), and found it made me grumpy and irritable as fuck for a solid 2-3 days. I ended up then drinking it again probably 1/day on average at first, then slowly up to 2/day and when i got into the 3-4 weeks before my uni exams i was throwing down 3-5 a day (not always, but when i was trying to study for sure, as it was almost one of my go-to distractions).

Anyhow, the question i have for everyone today is about poker + resume. In particular im interested in hearing from Aussies about this as i think our employerers might look at it a bit different to US or other parts, and i know we definitely write our CVs a bit different and longer (which fucking sucks fyi).

So since i took 2010 and 2011 off uni and played poker full time both years (SNE in 2010), my resume is really really weak and lacking. I also do like no extra-curriculars that i can throw on like being in those gay clubs at uni and actually doing stuff. to be fair i am a member of them but i dont actually go or do anything hah. So for anyone writing a resume are you including/excluding poker from your resume and how are you going about it? - particuarly interested in those others who dont really do much other stuff for whatever reasons you might have. My resume is for the Finance/Banking industry as atm im in the middle of applying for a bunch of internships in this field.

So let me know guys, and if anyone thinks they have a good CV where they did or didnt use poker, feel free to send it over to me (if you want)!

Thanks guys, GL at the tables for those still playing, and GL in the full time job grind for those in or soon to be joining the working ranks =)

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caffeine dependence
  dryath, Feb 20 2012

hi guys,

I swear i read someone writing something about this, but i cant seem to find it anywhere. Basically it was about, you can drink caffeine as normal on a day to day basis for x days, then you have to take y days off so that your body doesnt become dependent. Has anyone got any info on this? - links to articles or studies etc would be great. I tried googling, but not really having much luck on finding this

Thanks everyone, hope you're all crushing it at the tables in 2012

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My FTP your PS
  dryath, Feb 05 2010

Wanting to move my $11k from FTP to stars.

Anyone able to help me with this?

edit: 7k left to move

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PS for FTP
  dryath, Jul 06 2009

Looking to move 4k from PS onto FTP. reputable members only etc etc

update: traded the 4k with lachlan, ty man

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First blog + January results
  dryath, Jan 31 2009

Hey all, decided it was about time i made myself a blog instead of solely posting and commenting on HHs.

Started poker in Jan08 playing 2nl, and am now a 200nl reg on stars.

January results (best month so far, +10.2k) below:

Heading back to uni for 2nd year engineering/commerce at the end of next month, so won't be able to keep this up (probably aim for 50k year)

Good luck to everyone at the tables

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