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uncaffinated poultry

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  decafchicken, Feb 10 2008

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  decafchicken, Jan 21 2008

a couple of my faves: <- i guess i could've folded this, refused to believe he hit the fh <- -.- <- fave <- sigh

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nl5 > nl25
  decafchicken, Jan 09 2008

nl5 and nl2 graph since i started saving hands:

nl5 and nl2 since january

Played a short session of nl25 w/ sweating. Won 2 all ins and lost 1, lost 10$ though ~~ Other than that pretty uneventful.
Gonna keep playing nl5 on my own and learning nl25 w/ coaching.

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day 5 @ 25NL :(
  decafchicken, Jan 07 2008

Meh, at least i sucked out on one hand. Another gay day, but atleast this time i got action on my aces even though i lost with them(to k9) T_T. lost two pfs all in AQ to AA and AK to KK. lost QQ to flush on river, etc etc

gonna go play some nl5 or call of duty to make happy time

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Day 4 @ 25NL
  decafchicken, Jan 06 2008

Meh, just running bad. One of these days people wont rr my cbets and perhaps i'll get action on AA/KK/QQ. I keep flirting with breaking even and then drop 2 buyins T_T;

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Day 3 @ 25NL
  decafchicken, Jan 06 2008

Very wierd session. Played for like 3+ hours too. It was such a mix of good/bad luck. I hit quads 3 times, after not hitting quads since i've started a month and half ago. Got a ton of AK AQ AA KK QQ. But i didnt get any fucking action. I couldnt even get people to call me on draws. But every single cbet that i didnt hit, they rr me without fail. I dont think i made it past turn on all but one or two of my AA KK QQ. Lots of HH's though, i'd appreciate any comments + Show Spoiler +

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The Rest of Day 2 @ 25NL
  decafchicken, Jan 04 2008

Much better than the first part of today T_T:

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Day 2 @ nl25
  decafchicken, Jan 04 2008

The good run ends:

Those 5 straight drops are as follows (all-in, most pf)
AA vs 68o
KK vs 55
AK vs QQ
AA vs KJo
and my personal favorite: 77 on 8A7AT board vs A8
There's also a QQ losing to 68s in there too when i was shortstacked.

Gonna go play some nl2 on PS now -_-;

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Day #1 @ 25NL
  decafchicken, Jan 03 2008

With a bit of staking i got to try my hand for the first time at 25NL (thx <3)

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Day 2 :)
  decafchicken, Jan 02 2008

Graph for January so far: (30bb/100 hands last 2 days so happy to run good )

PT overall

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