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Degen Chronicles

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yayaya I am Lorde
  CrownRoyal, Oct 29 2014

and i will pushh

push, ow, hot! push, ow, hot!

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  CrownRoyal, Apr 19 2011

So I just went back through most of my blogs reminiscing on my poker career and ROFL i am the biggest crybaby emotional roller coaster faggot of all time. I had some pretty awesome stories sprinkled in there to make it all worth it though LOL.

holy shit i never realized how fucking emotional i get and how much i hate losing at anything jesus.

cliffnotes in my life
-just got a job that makes me happy
-I havent had sex in a really long time cause of no confidence + depression
-not drinking makes u lose a lot of weight
-picked up a new nicotine addiction
-hon ruins lives

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sc2, need practice partners
  CrownRoyal, Apr 01 2011

yo LP

me and resident hero mezmerizeplz are tired of playing hon so much and want some people to play KOTH games with (winner stays, cycle in obs) and in general just more friends so sc2 isnt so barren

we are like high diamond/low master lvl and sick rusty and can only micro 1 unit! lol is my sc2 name add meeeeeeeeeee

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  CrownRoyal, Mar 28 2011

ladder resets today, im down to play until my char dies or i lose interest.

could be entertaining to create a pool where the last char alive or the first to lvl 75 gets the money or something lol.

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Trapped inside this octavarium
  CrownRoyal, Mar 22 2011

Life is hard, i'm at rock bottom.

I can't even get a job in a factory until i find something better and i owe my parents and jlost on this forum money. I feel rly terrible and it feels like the worst ive ever felt. I have this problem where I think im really special and should be doing a lot more with my life than being a common man and it pains me to even think about working for minimum or near minimum wage. I went to college last semester as a pre-engineering major in a community college and I just didn't have anywhere near the motivation to succeed and make it through all four years and since I have just been trying to find a full time job. I have had lots of leads to do work like I used to and make very respectable money. They always fall through and i waste a month or something trying to get it setup. I have a real understanding and experience working with IT stuff but it's nearly impossible to find a job doing it in a rural area like where I live. Moving seems out of the question too, I hate not knowing friends and stuff that i can spend time with going to bars and stuff. Also, beyond that, I have no resources to move to begin with.

Don't ever let yourself get in this position LP, Never forget the cardinal rule, don't ever let yourself get in a position where you are vulnerable to not be what you want. life is just.

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cake for stars/ftp/anywhere that allows direct
  CrownRoyal, Dec 26 2010

direct bank transfers whatever

my $155.42 for your $130

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book of eli
  CrownRoyal, Dec 22 2010

Yo i was spending some time with my dad and he had dvr'd this movie and wanted me to watch it together with him cause we both like... i dunno movies like that sort of.

wtf? is this just the most stupid movie ever??? was denzel washington seriously blind???? how the fuck can he shoot a bird out of the sky with a bow and arrow

is it supposed to be god guiding him through the whole entire movie? what's the fucking point then, why does god make him kill everyone in his way instead of just getting the bible to magically appear at the publication place

i feel like i missed something and am completely dumbfounded by the entire story, cause from my perspective it's terribly written and should have never been made into anything

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  CrownRoyal, Nov 10 2010

nl50 6max lol fuck

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2006 cake poker players
  CrownRoyal, Nov 03 2010

PM me if u have a Js 2006 card

very lucrative if u do

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  CrownRoyal, Nov 01 2010

got a ticket for playing 100 hands on 2 tables at once or something...

ship the $170 flipament win

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