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Feburary Update.
  coreyw709, Feb 15 2007

Current BR: - $6030.00
Total Rake paid: - $558.00

Date: Status: Hours: Balance:

Friday, Feburary 2nd - Win 2-5 NL, Niagara 10.5 +1700.00
Friday, Feburary 2nd - Lose 1-2 NL, Niagara 3h -500.00
Saturday, Feburary 3rd- Win 2-5 NL, Niagara 6h +220.00
Monday, Feburary 5th - Win 1-2 NL, Niagara 5h +65.00
Wednesday, Feburary 7th- Deposit PokerStars -250.00
Thursday, Feburary 8th - Win 2-5 NL, Fallsview 7h +1400.00
Friday, Feburary 9th - Win 2-5 NL, Niagara 11h +1200.00
Monday, Feburary 12th - Win 5-5 NL, Fallsview 7h +600.00

Interesting Hand:

---Thursday. Feburary 8th 2-5 NL Fallsview---

3h 3c Under The gun. (8-handed)

CALL 5$(1315$), Utg+1 raise to 15$(130$), Call 15$($850), Call 15$(970$), Call 15$(105$), Button Call 15$(160$), SB Call 15$ (130$), BB Call 15$(90$).

Flop: 3s Qd 9d

I Bet 30$(1300$), UTG+1 raise to 60$(110$), Call 60$(790$), Call 60$(910$)All-in 105$(0), All-in 160$(0), All-in 115$(0), All-in 90$(0).
2 big stacks behind both with 800+ I pushed all-in for $1300.

Although it may have been the correct play to win the pot, which already contained several buy-ins, after much thought I feel the optimal play would of been to smooth call and give the larger stacks a chance to make a BIG mistake. I feel I give up some equity by letting them in for the correct price if they indeed had a draw, but I would gain much more
equity by giving them a chance to give me the rest of their stack, moreso than the risk of losing the pot by letting them in cheaply. Another good point to just calling, is seeing a turn card. If a diamond did indeed come I would be getting away from the hand as cheaply as possibly, as I feel if a
diamond did come and the larger stack bet he would most definatly have a flush. There would be no reason for him to bluff into a dry side pot, in a huge main pot. There are also many turn cards that would make it hard for a big stack to fold such as (2,3,4,5,6,7,9,Q,K,A non-diamond). For example
they held KQ,QA,Q9 they could be severaly committed by several turn cards.

Also, on another note: Ive been killing the 22$ HU NL-HE matches so far. 8/8 100% winrate. Ship it. All that Heads-up practice is finally paying off.


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The grind
  coreyw709, Feb 04 2007

January was a very good month for me. Banked $4.2k profit after all bills, transportation, and poor spending habits. I have come to the conclusion I have to quit smoking and drinking so heavily. I spent about $800-$900 on those two things alone this month.

So far in February I have banked 1.4k profit in 2 nights of work playing 1-2NL(shortly) and a very good couple of sessions of 2-5NL.

One nice call I made at 2-5: (short-handed)
UTG Fold, I limped in UTG+1 with 6-6(570$), caller to my left(550$), Button(800$) raises to 30$, fold, fold, I call, and the dumb ABC player to my left called.
Flop: 7s 9s 4h.
I check with the intention of check raising if the button decides to make a continuation bet. Both check behind.

Turn: Ks
Bad card for me. I check, ABC player bets 35$, button folds. I call.

River: Ad
I check, villan bets 60$. I call.

He says good call, I have nothing. And I watch his whole body sink into his chair when I turn over 6-6. lol.

I also raked a 4 way 800$ pot with K-Q. Ship it.


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Eye of the Tiger
  coreyw709, Jan 26 2007

Starting a blog today. Mostly to keep track of my monthly status, and to inspire myself to stay sharp.

Current situation is well, playing 1-2 NL and 2-5 NL with a 3.8k bankroll. Started taking poker seriously about 3-4 months ago, but have been playing cards since I was 8. Currently a live player only, but looking to deposit a portion of my roll to PokerStars.

Leaving now for a session of 2-5 NL at Casino Niagara. Ship the money, honey.


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