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Microsoft Excel Help
  Chewits, Mar 06 2011

Any excel pros help me out here?

Basically I want to be able to put scroll bars into a single cell. I have a database that in certain sections, a cell has lots and lots of text, and does not fit visibly on the cell. So I want to be able to have a scroll bar to scroll through all the text in that single cell.

I suck at googling and not having much joy so far.


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LCD, LED, Plasma ???
  Chewits, Feb 28 2011

I have had this old school CRT 26" widescreen TV for years now. Its done me proud. But I think its time to get a new TV. One reason that spurred this was playing game on Xbox360 and realizing how crappy the resolution is on it, that I have to sit really close to read text and stuff because its not very crisp.

So with that being said I started doing some research, and hmmm seems to be alot of different views on each of the TVs on the market at the moment. Its pretty confusing!

Some important points for deciding TV;

- I like playing racing games and fast paced games on my Xbox360 - I have read on some sites that LCD is bad for this, and plasma is hands down better. Others say LED is similar to LCD and you still get picture lag?

- It does not have to be huge. I could live with 32", 42" would be amazing.

- Price range - Probably do not want to spend much more than 500 pound sterling, but anything less than that would be good.

- Needs to have a stereo mini jack audio output. Will still use onboard speakers though

- Would like it to have 1080p, afaik xbox only uses 720 ? But for future If i change to PS3 or something, I want to have the 1080p there.

What sort of specs should I be looking for? Refresh rates, colour ratio thing, resolutions etc? Regarding LED, I read that many are just backlit LED and are really no difference to LCD except use less energy. The full LED ones, I cannot seem to find these. I presume they are super expensive?

If you know any models or personal experiences with of these 3 types, please do reply

oh and I am in the UK, so buying in UK only.

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FTP freezing
  Chewits, Feb 19 2011

Pretty sure I am not alone with this problem. As of today FTP client keeps freezing, then after around 3-4 minutes it unfreezes and majority of players are sitting out or something. Super annoying. Annoying thing is, system status says everything is working good.

Shame, today I was looking forward to putting in alot of volume.

Running win7. Just did a system scan, and is all clean. Something buggy in the client I can only assume.

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PT3 Hud Question
  Chewits, Jan 12 2011

I am trying to find these stats;

Button Raise %
Call in BB to a raise %

I thought I found them, but the stats do not like right at all. Playing HU, it shows player is calling 20/40 hands in BB, yet there is 300 hand sample. I am newbie to PT3, so forgive me.


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Lets play HU
  Chewits, Jan 10 2011

Took a break from MTTs, and focused on HU for a bit. MTTs were destorying me. So much time and energy and such shitty poker. Dont get me worng, still love em, but I needed a break. And I had been studying alot of HU recently.

Started off with the penny stakes and played some NL10 HU today. Fun game. Have not had this much fun with Poker in a long time. Obv everyone is so terrible, and its like printing money.

Might move up to NL25 tomorrow.

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Week 1 MTTs
  Chewits, Jan 09 2011

Sup LP, going to try and write up weekly reviews of the weeks play. Results wise, nothing significant since the 2nd place in the 500 cap tourney last week.

A few deep runs but two things end up happening, well actually 3 things;

1) I open from LP with a hand like 89s, get called from blinds and flop 4K4, and i donk check it, turn a 9 and he donks two streets into me and I call thinking he is bullshit and he turns up with KQ, and i hate my life, and am down to 15bbs and proceed to go out not long after that

2) I similarly open from LP with AJo with 26bb, vs active blinds, and get called and flop is Q67r and i cbet and he c/r me and i hate my life and fold, and then proceed to dwindle away becuase the table has gone beserk and i just cant find any spots.

3) I probably start pushing a bit too much, take some blinds then someone decides to call me and we both have live cards and i fail. But you know, I have always learned that I should be pushing 15bb from alot of positions and def reshoving with very good hands.

Just cant seem to get a break when I am running deep. I think I am playing it wrong or something. I dunno. Been watching vids, have recorded myself play and talk (helps me focus) and watch it back to pick up on things i missed etc. I have had a hand review session with a coach and am constantly questioning plays from not me, but from others at the table etc.

I have adjusted my sleep so I am more intune with ET time zone, as alot of the good micro tourneys with smaller fields start after midnight GMT. I have been working my way through alot of non poker strategy videos, including Tommys vid series, Pokersense and Shuffle and Flow.

I am considering uploading some videos of me playing live, but with the nature of MTTs not alot can happen and it does get quite tiring talking to yourself for a deep run! If anyone is interested in checking it out, let me know.

Some hands to ponder;

Can I bet?
+ Show Spoiler +

Nitty Fold?
+ Show Spoiler +

Ok to flat?
+ Show Spoiler +

Is this a +ev reshove?
+ Show Spoiler +

Too nitty?
+ Show Spoiler +

Just a lol hand. UB is so soft O_O

+ Show Spoiler +

Been listening to alot of really nice chilled out music these days from artist/composers like Jon Hopkins, Max Ricter, Solar Fields and Ott. Good shit to listen to while you grinding, cuz its not too melodic, and is very ambient relaxed. Helps me keep calm and focused for sure.

I also have fallen in love with this song - very addictive;

Non related Poker news:

My electric shower broke. The sorta thing you dont realise you miss untill you do not have it. Hoping to get it sorted this week. Wife is away again this week for more work training, so just gonna keep working hard.

Off to make some bolognase, and start the Sunday grind.


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Shape of things to come in 2011 ?
  Chewits, Jan 01 2011

Got off to a nice start today.

Yeah its not alot, but its nice to get a FT, after running pretty terrible last month since getting back into the swing of MTT grinding. Frustrating to loose in HU, and went out in a weird hand where he over bet the flop and i had 2nd pair and he was 2:1 chip lead. Yeah I was confused. But nvm.

2011 and onwards?

Well just gonna grind as many MTTs as I can especially these next few weeks. For my real job I am freelance, and right now its really quiet for me. A couple of dates in Jan but thats it, so lots of time to work hard at improving my game. My wife is also away during the weeks of Jan, for her work, so really I have no excuses ! ( she is back at weekends though)

I have an account on DC but I am looking to signing up to PokerXfactor. I had a fellow LPer in the past let me use his account for a few days, as he quit Poker or something and was feeling generous. He only had a few days left on his account. It was like a year ago, but was very kind of him. I cant remember who it was now, which is very bad of me. If you know who you are, let me know, so I can remember!

Anyway, I did like the content on PokerXFactor. My only concern is, the website still looks like it was made in 2004. Is this irrelevant? Anyone who is a regular there, do you find the content is still worth it? Also the hand replayer seems to be very good, and I had the pleasure of being shown it in a recent coaching session. Very good for going over hands especially with other people on Skype/Team Viewer etc.

Anyway, just want to say congratz to all them sick pups that grinded SNE last year. Great achievement! Hope it was worth it.

For everyone else, happy gaming and work hard on and off the tables !


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Request: UB for Stars
  Chewits, Dec 23 2010

Looking to get $269 moved off UB on to Stars. If anyone can help, PM please.

Prefer trustworthy LPers only.


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MTT Coaches / Videos
  Chewits, Dec 11 2010

I remember asking this over a year ago, but I think alot has changed in the coaching world since then. I finally have some free time to play alot of MTTs again during December/Jan. i would like to invest some money into either a Poker Training site that has good current videos of MTTs or into someone who would do some coaching with me. I am rusty, and I do have a small bank roll. (Not playing anything more than $22 buyins)

I would be more inclined to join a training site first, unless someone gave me a very good offer! I ask because I looked up CR and I see some of the reputable names, have not been very active on there at all. Are there better sites out there for MTT players now? Who are the top video coaches out there now?

And regarding personal coaching, if anyone is doing this, what is the structure of it?


Edit: Oh and also, if any fellow low stakes MTT players out there wanna discuss stuff, PM me, and we can exchange MSN or something. I need some MTT allies

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  Chewits, Oct 12 2010

This looks like alot of fun

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