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This is Bullshit

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First month of poker in a while
  Bullshit, Jan 22 2017

Besides 3-4 months in late 2014/early 2015 I had not really played poker since 2012 and pretty much none at all live or online since feb 2015 till last month. I felt a little lost in my life and really didn't know what to do and still pretty much dont which I guess is fairly common between former and current poker players. I've won a lot of money in poker but spewed off most of it on non poker related stuff over the past 4 years so I don't have much to show for it besides some valuable life experience which I suppose has been good. Last month I decided to hop back online and make a deposit on stars to see if I can still win at poker. I felt a bit confused the first week but got back into pretty quickly and the first 40 days grinding starting from dec 10th has gone pretty well. Theres not any consistent games above 2/5 on stars unless you want to play on multiple sites and play a table here and there which I plan on doing as soon as I feel confident I'm playing well all the time. I also plan on playing some higher stakes live games so hopefully I run good in the 10 hands/hour I'm gonna get. I guess my plan is to play poker and get whats left of the online money while trying to figure out what to do with my life in the meantime. Good news is it appears I can still win at poker and I just turned 25 a few months ago so I have some time.

Heres the graph which is mostly 1/2 zoom with some 2/4 - 3/6 on other sites and some 2/5 zoom on stars

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  Bullshit, Feb 03 2015

Been running quite bad lately and today started out even worse getting coolered in literally every single hand I played to start but thought I was playing well and after taking a break took a step in the right direction hopefully this is the start of running good!

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poor start
  Bullshit, Feb 01 2015

this little graph starts where the last one left off so... not a great start to the year and I'm not playing a lot when running poorly so hopefully I run better this month and try to play around 100k hands

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